How to Dress and Style Your Children

How to Dress and Style Your Children

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As parents, we want our children to look their best. We never think twice before purchasing the best dresses for them, no matter the price. Sometimes, the range of attires we choose for our kids may exceed our budget, yet, we try our best to dress them up in the best possible way. Dressing up kids is based on many factors like the weather and climate of the place, the age, and gender of the child, the body-type, weight and height of the child, the complexion and many more. For example, during summer, the trick is to keep it simple. During this time, light colors like white, pink, yellow, etc. look better than strong colors like red, black, navy blue, etc. when it comes to choosing the dresses for our kids. Moreover, loose-fitting dresses are more comfortable than body-hugging ones. Below, a few tips are given regarding how to dress up your children without overdoing it:

  •      Comfort should always be the first priority: A dress may appear super stylish to you, but before you buy it, you should consider whether the dress is comfortable for your little ones. They should be able to walk freely, jump, play, run, sit and be involved in all activities comfortably after wearing the dress, without being conscious. Sometimes, children hesitate to even go to the washroom after wearing a stylish dress or they may need the help of an elder to help them use the loo. This can create unnecessary tension in them and they may feel under-confident about themselves. Make sure that the dresses you choose for your kids make them feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Do not overdo it: Sometimes, for making our children look uniquely dressed amidst a crowd or gathering, we tend to overdress them. For girls, a gaudy outfit should match with a simple hairstyle and minimal make-up and accessories. Over the top make-up along with a heavy hairstyle will not only make your child look aged, but will also come in the way of his/her innocence and simplicity.
  •  Let them choose: Sometimes, parents get over-conscious about the dresses and looks of their children, and they forget that their children can also have their own likings and dislikings when it comes to dressing up for an occasion. So whether your son wants to wear his favorite trouser instead of jeans or your daughter do not want to wear the hair-band which you want her to wear, cut them some slack. Forcing them continuously can make them stubborn, and a happy face can make any attire look stylish.
  • A trial is important: Before you finalize the dress for your children, let them try it on. Nowadays, most of the shopping malls and shops have trial rooms where children can try their dresses to see if they fit properly. Trying dresses before buying them helps them to decide for themselves whether the dresses are comfortable or not, which helps to avoid problems later.
  • Don’t just go by the trend: Choose dresses which match the personality of your children. Don’t force them to wear something which will not match up to their personality. For example, if your child is an introvert and likes to keep it simple, forcing him/her to wear excessively gaudy and flashy outfits for the sake of the occasion will not do any good to them. Their dressing sense should reflect their taste as well. We always want our children to look like the showstoppers in any party or get-together. However, in doing so, we should keep in mind that we should not force it upon them. Simplicity is the best, and children look best when their innocence is retained.
  • Consider cleaning options: To make your children look stylish, you may want to opt for pricey attires which are not washable at home. This puts unnecessary pressure on the children, especially if your child is active. Children will mess up clothes while eating and make them dirty while playing sports. When clothes can be only dry-cleaned, parents often alert the children, so that they do not spoil their clothes. This may be a burden on their little heads, and they cannot behave normally as they need to remain extra conscious of what they are wearing. A playful child is always better to look at that a child who sits idle, due to the fear of spoiling his/her clothes. Let your children move about freely, and don’t let what they wear to, decide who they are.
  • Keep yourself updated: If you want the latest trends in the fashion industry, you can look for interesting clothes online and even go through various fashion blogs and magazines. Keeping yourself updated with the current trends of fashion will help you dress up your kids in the most stylish and unique ways.
  • Don’t make your children habituated to expensive dresses: If you  opt for pricey attires for your kids without considering your budget, your children get used to wearing such dresses and later, you may need to shell out and you are unable to give them the same types of dresses, this will make them depressed and even stubborn. Generally, baby girl clothes are available in a wide range of collection compared to the boy’s clothes. It is always easier to dress up baby girls rather than boys as a number of accessories for girls are available by which you can make your little angel dress up like a doll. But in doing so, you should not drain your pocket completely.
  • Go for renowned brands: There are certain brands of clothes which last for a long time, and it is always better and safe to go for renowned brands of clothing rather than new brands. Going for old and renowned brands will help to choose the best dresses for your little ones. Such brands will retain the style statement for years to come.

   Before you purchase clothes, your little one, consider the points given above. Every parent wants their child to look the most stylish and gorgeous among others, in a crowd. Parents don’t think twice with regards to purchasing the best dresses and accessories for their children. However, sometimes, in doing so, we forget that heavy clothes can become uncomfortable for the children to carry. Dresses reflect our inner selves and personalities. They are not only our style statements but also the ways by which we represent ourselves. So, children should also feel comfortable and happy with what they wear. By no means, the clothes they wear should not come to be a barrier. Dressing, according to the weather is also necessary. Thus, from next time, make sure your children are dressed up not only to look stylish but also to remain comfortable in what they wear.



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