10 Reliable Sources to Learn About Window Boxes

Trailing Plant Window Boxes

A trailing plant is a window box that has flowers overflowing from it, it’s amazing if you want to cover up something like fading paint under a window or just like trailing flowers in general. Just plant one or few window boxes under your window and put some rapid growing flowers or plants into the window box and wait a few months and you will have an overflowing plant window box!

DIY Window Boxes

Yes, there are many ways and types to make your window box. There are many videos and tutorials on the internet to make your own custom window boxes. Blooming with multicolored flowers, annual flowers or plants, it’s a must-have if you want a window box outside your very own window! Window boxes provide that extra touch you houses’ exterior needs. Also, you can view these flowers from the inside too, as flower heads peed from the window frame.

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Believe it or not, it is very simple, and rewarding! It only requires you to get some galvanized steel clamps, cut out of wood planks from the woodwork store and a drill and some screws! The ultimate DIY!

Farmhouse Styled Window Boxes

If you have a farmhouse styled shutters around the exterior of your window, what better way to complement this old school design tan to add a farmhouse style simple window box! It looks amazing and adds an old but good feeling to your house and makes your house look like something from a classy 90’s movie!

The window box I really simple and you can purchase them in specific custom window packaging wholesale shops and companies.
Here is a design we found very interesting and would like to share with you this amazing styled custom window packaging! It’s very simple and yet amazing looking covered in brown and a glazed polish, the box has amazing engravings on the front of the well-known wood that is called Mahogany. Simply cover up with your favorite plants and there you have it, a very well looking window box to touch up your house!

Large Window Boxes

If you have a large 4-6 feet double/ single window, this window is the best for your house! It’s a long and thin piece of the window box.

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Its long 6 feet window box around 10 inches tall and 15 inches wide, painted in an astonishing white formal paint, this is the perfect window box! All you have to do is buy it from a retail shop like a custom printed window boxes wholesale company or you can ask a hardware shop to build it fully customizable just for you! Buy the window box and the process is almost complete! Then you just have to drill a hole to set up a clamp and put the box it, make to bolt the box down to the clamp so it won’t slide away when you’re not looking!

Vintage Window Boxes

This is the best type of window box for you if you live in an old looking but a new house, maybe a big place like a villa. Even if your house doesn’t look old or vintage but modern and cool, this is still an amazing window box for your house to give it that extra fire it needs!
Now there are many types to this type of this window box if you buy it from a wholesale window boxes seller, so we won’t be talking about a specific type of window box. Instead, we’ll be talking about more than one, in less detail so you just get the idea and we leave the exploration to you!

The good Old rustic looking window box is the perfect thing if you’re looking for it! Gives an almost farmhouse to a very old house feel and very good too if placed on a building window.

A vintage styled is newer but still old looking, and that’s a good thing! It provides a very nice and old-Ish feeling to your house while adding value to it! Sometimes they will be carved from the front too!

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Marketing factor

No matter if you have a big commercial level business or a small home-based business making your boxes look unique is crucial as we all know packaging plays a lead role in marketing and publicity. There are certain things you can do to make your window boxes unique, such as printing, customizations etc.

Printed can be your cheap and easy solution since there are so many designs and prints you can choose from and on the flip side printed window boxes have become an internet sensation since the plant’s culture keep s growing on young people.

Where can you find the best window boxes?

There are plenty of ways to buy window boxes, it just depends on how many boxes you need of what sizes. Here are some of the most common way to purchase window boxes:

Purchasing in bulks

If you are a manufacturer, and if you run a business you will need more than a couple of boxes, to begin with, and a great way to buy window boxes for a much cheaper rate is by buying in bulks, also known as a wholesale purchase. Wholesale purchases are great since you can easily customize and alter your window boxes up to your needs and wants; Such as you can change the shape, size and material of the box.

This is something that makes wholesale window boxes ideal for running businesses.

Online shopping

We live in a world where we can buy anything and everything online and it is safe to say that you can buy window boxes online. There are boxes websites that specifically deal with boxes and packaging, and there you will have the complete freedom to design boxes up to your needs just beware of the scams.

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