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6 Men’s Bracelets that Go with Every Outfit!

When the question of fashion arises, men’s bracelets are easy to go overboard, as they are small and merely stack-able. We all think that when it comes to men’s fashion, less is always more. So, the type of bracelet to be worn should complement the wristwatch on the other hand. Wooden or leather bracelets generally pair very well with semi-formal or formal attire. Metal ones complement more formal attires. You can always stack various kinds of bracelets, to coordinate well with your wristwatch.

Metal sleek bands, either embellished or textured, are in vogue nowadays. Right from rubber to leather to gold, men’s bracelets have successfully created an uproar in today’s fashion industry. Here are some of the significant bracelet designs that can go very well with most of the men’s outfit.

Wide Metallic Bracelets

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Probably the most upscale style of men’s bracelet, the wide metallic ones teamed up well with formal suits and ties. Though they are found less in variety, primarily the effect remains the same. A single, solid band will create a bold statement on your wrist. When worn uncluttered it gives a very potent effect. Try pairing it with simple, yet elegant attires, and let the whole get-up speak! To provide it with much importance, plan to keep your shirt-sleeves a bit shorter. It should depend on the band thickness, as well as where you plan to position the same. Never try wearing a flashy one, but a couple of colours will do them justice. Moreover, some of the metallic bracelets are too heavy to be worn with a pair of a wristwatch. Thus it solely depends upon the individual how he plans to carry forward his style statement.

Corded or roped bracelets

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On the opposite side of the scale, a corded bracelet of varied thickness has the advantage of being very easily distinguished. They seem to be very laid-back and opposite to formal traditions. You definitely can never wear a corded bracelet for your official conferences, but then at most other places, it adds to the quirky personalized touch. Most of the roped or corded bracelets are embellished, while some are not. At present, seen very commonly among celebrities and socialites.

Latex Bracelets/bands

These latex bands tend to be bright-coloured, and a bit low-cost, look-wise. You should plan to wear the same when you are in a mood to dress in your cool casuals. While going at a relaxed social evening or any other informal parties, these type of bracelets can be worn. Thus, you should plan to wear the latex bracelets/bands more for fun than for any artistic value.

Hip bracelets

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As a broad spectrum style, these hip bracelets symbolize the rock-star within you. They are always in – n – out of fashion, but if you are an ardent follower of the rock culture, then can opt for the same with full confidence. These bracelets come as a bit heavier look-wise with chains and brass skulls embedded in the band. Thus, avoid to team it up with your formal attire. Rather wear the same with open collars and a casual-looking hairstyle, to get compliments.

Leather -n – textured Bracelets

These leathered/textured bracelets are great for casual days. They look trendy and ooze out the ‘style-quotient’ when worn correctly. Thin leather ones are the easiest and trendiest ones that look great when clubbed together with a beautiful watch. You can also experiment with the leather ones along with other bracelets like the beaded or metal ones. It will help in giving a textured appearance to your wristwear. A beautiful pair of chinos teamed with a casual shirt is a classic combination, and the leather bracelets can be an excellent accompaniment.

Beaded Bracelets

Men’s beaded bracelets are a great option as an add-on to casual attire. Try out for the rich browns or the other neutral colours for the same. This type of bracelet can be worn with a wide variety of different outfits. Blue denim work as a wonder with bead bracelets. Moreover, they complement other colours like burgundy, greens and beige. Plan to wear small beaded ones, which will team very nicely with a good trendy wristwatch on the other hand.


A decent, yet fashionable looking bracelet does the work of complementing the attire worn by you. As you change your attire every day, a trendy ‘you’ will always tend to shop for various styled bands. It will cater to your desired individual style. Look for those, which will give you compliments naturally. Right from huge and gaudy ones to metallic ones, or braided ones to colourful leather ones, you should try stacking all the styles in your collection. These above guidelines will aid you in accumulating your collectables. If you do so, then you will always tend to grow your assortment further.


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