7 Best Ideas About The Universal Tartans

7 Best Ideas About The Universal Tartans

July 5, 2019 0 By Davidjimmy

Tartan is a specific fabric used to make kilts in Scottish society.  These tartans are linked with the clans and districts and such tartans are the representative symbol of different clans as well as districts. But there are a number of tartans which can be used by the person who does not want to follow the tradition for example Irish Tartan Kilt. These tartans are called the universal tartans. Here we are going pinpoint the 7 best ideas about the Universal Tartans.

1. Black Watch Tartan

Black watch tartan is very famous among modern people because it is equally suited to men and women. It got its name from the army regiment which is used to call Black Watch. This regiment was very famous and they got that plaid as its representative plaid. Even the former Prime Minister of UK Theresa May sometimes uses the Black Watch suit to look sober. It is, no doubt, the best pearl of the modern fashion.

2. Royal Stewart Tartan

If you want to sing the modern song of tartan then it is the best tartan in modern society.  It is the best-known plaid not only in Scottish society but also all around the globe. It was first selected for King George IV as royal plaid but soon it was high jacked by the common people. That’s why the royal family moved to the Balmoral Tartan. Nowadays, it has become the most widely produced as well as worn tartan around the world.

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3. Lindsay Tartan

Another successful tartan on commercial basis after Royal Stewart Tartan is the Lindsay Tartan. It’s color scheme is very flexible and, hence, it is equally famous in every field including party dress, school uniform, ladies skirts, etc. It has, no doubt, become the palpitation of many hearts as it has one the best sober outlooks.

4. Macleod of Lewis Tartan

Outgrown in the western islands of the Scotland Macleod Lewis Tartan has spread not only in Scottish society but also in all over the world. It is most famous among the people who want to stand alone. The modern appeal of the Macleod Lewis Tartan is growing rapidly with each passing day.


5. Scotland Forever Tartan

Everyone is agreeing with the evergreen impression of the Scotland Forever Tartan as it has the most likable charm as well as the appeal. There were, basically, two bases to create this magical tartan. First, it can be sue by anybody and secondly, it can be wear at any gathering whether it is official or unofficial.

6. Dress Stewart Tartan

It is another plaid that is famous on commercial grounds. Nowadays the Dress Stewart Tartan is part of school uniforms, government gatherings, and number of events as well as modern fashion. It, no doubt, showcases the class of person no matter what is the occasion.

7. The Tartan you like

It is true that most of the tartans are connected to different clans and districts. But they can be worn by anyone anywhere without any restriction. Numbers of people have different taste in the selection of tartan and, hence, they choose and wear the tartans of their own choice