9 Important Daily Routine That You Should Follow To Live Healthy Life

9 Important Daily Routine That You Should Follow To Live Healthy Life

June 17, 2019 0 By Gaurav

Everyone has habits. Do your support your health? Have you considered the long term impact of habits? Habits are important & can change your life if developed with intention, and making something routine can drastically change your life! With scientific techniques to build a habit, you can make your life exponentially better.

How many of your habits are spent keeping health in mind? For long term health, here’s a few tips to maximize health everyday, backed by science.

1. Exercise!

No other single habit can yield more returns in both the short term & the long term as this one!

Aerobic exercise, something that gets you to sweat within a few minutes of starting it, works wonders for your heart and head, both! Regular exercise is known to boost cortisol and reduce the risk of diseases significantly. Plan to maintain your weight using moderate exercise and a good diet.


Daily routine for healthy life

2. Set a morning routine

If you haven’t set a regular morning routine, it is likely that you start off your day chaotically and often stressfully. Taking your time in making the right start to the day can set the tone for the whole day sufficiently well. Choose consciously whether or not you want to consume breakfast and caffeine, or wake up early to exercise (for more effective weight loss) and schedule your day, if that’s part of your habit. Staying organized, productive and punctual takes away stress at the very start of the day.

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Check out some ways that you can set up your morning habits for weight loss.

3. Sit well

Through the course of your day, make sure you work in the right posture for writing or when you’re at a computer. If you spend most of your day sitting, that’s several hours a week you risk poor eyesight, weight gain, sore muscles, etc. You have to be sure to sit straight in attention and then relax your frame by leaning about 10% at the maximum.

Dialy routine for healthy life

4. Don’t take multivitamins!

Unless they come recommended by your physician, there is no requirement for an adult with a healthy lifestyle to take supplements, especially because the market is largely unregulated. With a nutritious diet and enough exercise, your vitamin uptake and consumption requirements can be largely met!

5. Hydrate!

Many adults lose touch of this habit and often substitute water with stimulants that dehydrate their bodies. Sitting in front of a screen all day also dehydrates one sufficiently. Learn to distinguish thirst from hunger and make it a point to drink, at the very least, 2 litres of water a day, there is no alternative. Your body requires 8 glasses a day to stay refreshed OR make sure to include vegetables with sufficient water content in your diet, eg. cucumbers and cauliflowers.

6. Move around!

Don’t fall prey to the common 10k a day pedometer cult, but it’s still important that you walk around every hour, get off your desk or keep your lifestyle from getting altogether too sedentary. It literally helps you from dying prematurely as found by a study in the USA recently. Even though you exercise vigorously at least once a day, you should make it a point to aimlessly take a stroll or stretch once an hour.

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7. Watch your daily caffeine intake!

Caffeine is a boon for college students and days when you cannot function, but keeping your intake in check is imperative for optimal functioning. Choosing to skip coffee in the first hour of the day boosts the metabolism, keeps you fresh for longer.

When you do need the coffee, it’s alright to consume it in the morning, but make sure you aren’t dependent on it! Watch the size of your caffeine serving carefully, a grande at Starbucks can have double the amount of caffeine than required in an entire day.  Too much caffeine in a day for a prolonged period comes at the risk of migraines, irritability, acidity and tremors.

Cutting down caffeine portions, especially in the afternoon/ evening can be both good for your health and improve your quality of sleep drastically. Sounds like a win-win? That’s because it is. Be mindful of the screens!

8. Watch your portions

Most weight gain is caused by an unhealthy diet and eating more food at a faster rate during mealtimes. Most restaurant portions in the USA are not suited for a single person at a single time and account for 1.5x the optimal serving size. Plan to take some food back when you eat outside the next time. On a regular basis, you can plan and portion your snacks in advance, don’t allow yourself to be hungry in front of a large bag of snacks.

Protein heavy snacks and meals like the Trimaid – natural fat blocker soup can help you keep full for longer and eliminate the need for snacking unconsciously.

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9. Curb your alcohol content

If you do intend to go to a pub to catch up with friends, it is best that you do it sober and are motivated by the company than the need to drink. Don’t partake in alcohol consumption every day, even if it is in small quantities. There is a strong link that correlates exposure to alcohol and risks of serious diseases such as cancer and even a single beer a day can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in the world, but too much of a good thing is potentially harmful.

Tracking your health and maintaining it is just a matter of daily habits, making sure that you invest in your health every day for the promise of a fulfilled life.