Affordable Valentine’s Day Chocolates to give your love

Affordable Valentine’s Day Chocolates to give your love

February 8, 2019 0 By Qflores

Valentine’s Day Chocolates comes to the rescue if you have forgotten to buy a gift for your sweetheart. It is the best last minute gift idea; premium chocolates wrapped in a heart shape box is always a lovely Valentine’s Day Gift. This gift will make your baby go “aww” on Valentine’s Day. You would not be able to buy happiness for your ladylove but chocolates are almost the same thing. It will bring an immediate wide smile and glee on her face. Chocolates are considering an important part of love and romance. Thus here we are with a list of Affordable Valentine’s Day Chocolates to surprise your partner.

1] Chocolate Love Bugs

Chocolate Love Bugs

You guys are like love bugs so you can send love bug form of chocolates to surprise your love. These chocolate love bugs are chocolate honey caramels which are painted to make them look like ladybugs and bees. So if you love chocolate covered insects, these are perfect Valentine’s Day chocolates for you and your partner. They have these minute details on the chocolate which make it cute and we get eager to eat them. They come in a nice designer box from John and Kira’s, this makes a nice gift for Valentine’s Day.

2] Chocolate Assortment

Chocolate Assortment

When talking about chocolates it is difficult to choose one, thus chocolate assortment is the key. Don’t settle for one type of chocolate thus get a chocolate box that contains different types of chocolates. Like pretzels, caramel corns, berries, heart-shaped chocolates, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, chocolate covered cashews etc admired by you. All these is pack in a seagrass basket and adorned with a red ribbon to give it a nice Valentine’s Day look. Thus surprise your lady love with a basket full of chocolate treats.

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3] Godiva Chocolates

Godiva Chocolates

These chocolates are most impressive as they come in different variants and is packed in an elegant gift box which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Chocolate box contains Godiva’s Signature Chocolate Truffles. Godiva is known for serving premium quality chocolates and when talking about surprising your love you won’t settle for anything less than this. It also won’t look like a last minute Valentine’s Day Gift option as its neither Red colored nor heart-shaped.

4] Assorted Red Heart Chocolate Box

Assorted Red Heart Chocolate Box

We give much importance to heart on Valentine’s Day as it is the body part through which we are able to convey our love feelings to our partner. And Red color is considered as a color of romance and love. So here we are with a beautiful assorted chocolate box in Red satin Heart shaped box adorned with ribbon to surprise your loved one. Handcrafted chocolates are too made in heart shape too, to arouse romantic feelings between you two. Thus these cute hearts shaped chocolates wrapped in red and also packaged in a red heart-shaped box is perfect for Valentine’s Day Gift.

5] Berry Chocolate Love Bouquet

Berry Chocolate Love Bouquet

This is also for both guy and girl, as everyone loves strawberries covered in chocolates. These chocolate covered berries give a twist as they are arranged in form of a flower bouquet. The basket also contains grapes, heart-shaped pineapples, and chocolate bar too in a heart shape. This is sure to delight your partner and give him/her a fruity paradise for Valentine’s Day. Thus this is a perfect choice for the fruit lover.

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6] The Chocolate Bar Handmade

 The Chocolate Bar Handmade

Handmade chocolates have a beautiful texture and a premium taste. Chocolate gifts are the best gifts for the partners who love chocolates. These handmade chocolates are made from rich Belgian chocolate which is both of high quality and too creamy. The Chocolate Bar contains ingredients like truffle, praline, fudge fillings, hazelnut, cheesecake cappuccino, coffee and a lot more. So choose between the ones admired by your love. You can also send flowers for Valentine’s Day and surprise your sweetheart with beautiful blooms.

7] Chocolate Covered Oreos Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Oreos Gift Box

Oreos are childhood classic cookie and are admire almost by everyone. So if your partner is one amongst those than gift he/she this chocolate treats. These cookies are dip into milk chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles or chocolate chips. You can also see different designs on it of drizzling dark and white chocolate over it. Make Valentine’s Day Chocolate Delivery and wish your partner Valentine’s Day through sweet treats.

We hope this chocolate treats help you spend sweetest Valentine’s Day with your loved one and gets delighted with these sweet surprises.