Best Tips to Get First 10k Followers Without Buying Them

Best Tips to Get First 10k Followers Without Buying Them

February 22, 2021 0 By

As you know, Instagram is a fantastic social media platform that can help people in many ways. If you are someone who wants to reach the first 10k followers on Instagram without spending money, then you need to follow some tips. In the following, we are covering the ten best tips to reach the first 10k followers on this photo-sharing platform.

  • Start Building Your Brand

The first thing you need to follow for getting more followers is building a brand. Well, it does not mean you have to launch a brand for Instagram. It’s more about presenting yourself as a brand. Make sure you are optimizing your profile properly, so people find it more appealing. Plus, a well-optimized profile gets more search rather than a normal profile.

  • Use Followers Gallery For Free Followers

If you don’t want to buy followers or spend your money on advertising, then there’s a better idea to get more organic followers that can help you first 10k followers on your account. Followers Gallery has an expert team that provides 100% safe and real free Instagram followers. They also ensure that you get the best service with 24×7 customer support.

  • Be More Active

There is a common problem among Instagram users, they are not active. Instagram is not about scrolling through feeds and watching reels. If you want to grow your account, you also have to be more active. You need to be get involved in more liking and commenting. Start interacting with more people on your comment. This way, you will increase your account’s visibility and it will help you to reach 10k.

  • Post Relevant Content Consistently
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No matter whatever you are doing, you need to be consistent. This universal truth is also valuable for Instagram’s growth. Plus, you also have to publish relevant content that can catch the audience’s attention easily. Make sure you are maintaining a schedule to publish your content. Also, make sure you are not posting too much content, it can hurt your account’s visibility.

  • Don’t Follow For Follow

Another common strategy we notice on Instagram is ‘follow for follow’. In simple words, ‘follow for follow’ is a method that many Instagram users apply by following some random account in order to get followed back. We are not saying that this trick is not useful, but it only helps to get a few followers. It will not definitely help you reach the first 10k followers. Plus, this process is very time-consuming. 

  • Don’t Brag Too Much

You will see many Instagram influencers do bragging over something. For example, if you are promoting a product, you should not elaborate on the details on your account. People are following you for knowing your opinion, and you should maintain a line. If you are applying this tip, you will be able to attract more followers. On the other side, too much brag can lose followers. 

  • Interact With Influncerers More

If you are branding yourself and trying to get your first 10k followers on this photo-sharing social media platform, then you have to interact with more influencers. Well, that does not mean you have to approach every single person. Make sure you are finding some suitable influencers and try to interact with them by following and commenting. You can also leave a direct message. 

  • Start Cross Promoting
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Cross-promoting is one of the most effective ways to increase more followers on Instagram. The best thing about this strategy is, you don’t have to spend money as you are also promoting someone’s product. You need to find some people from your niche and start approaching them. This way, both of you will get more followers and conversions.

  • Use Instagram Tools

There are many features on Instagram including reels, stories, and guide. If you are serious about getting 10k organic followers, you need to implement all of them. For example, if you are a travel influencer, you can use the Instagram guide to help more people. In fact, reels is another amazing feature that could attract more people to become your followers.

  • Start Experimenting

When you are trying to increase your followers on Instagram, you need to do more experiments. For example, if your posts are not getting enough reach, you should try to post different types of content. Using the right hashtag is also necessary. However, when you are exploring new features on this platform, you will get more ideas that can help you to grow your account.


Getting the first 10k followers could be tricky, especially when we are talking about Instagram. These were the best and proven tips for getting the first 10k followers on this photo-sharing social media platform. You can also get help from Followers Gallery as they provide Instagram auto liker without login to ensure user’s security.