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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Rug for Your Living Room

No matter what anyone says, choosing the right rug for your living room is important.

The living room is a space in which you spend most of the time when you’re at home, so why not make it comfortable and cozy. Having the right rug can help a lot with that.

Rugs help bring warmth to the room and they also lighten it up. Additionally, they bring comfort to those who spend time in a certain room – it’s nice to have a comfy rug to walk, sit and sometimes even lie on, you just need to be sure to keep it clean. Suffice to say that choosing the right rug for space you will spend most of your time in is important. So, let’s see some of the tips that can help you get the best carpet you can.

  1. Rug materials are important

Before you decide to buy a carpet, it’s important to get to know all the types of rug materials available. Because each of the materials has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the rug materials that you can find:

Starting off with the most common type of rugs – wool rugs. Wool is the natural material and most wool rugs are either handwoven or hand-knotted. Because of this, and because of the quality of material invested in these types of rugs they are a bit on the pricier side. However, wool rugs are great for living rooms.

Cotton rugs are usually a more budget-friendlier option. Cotton is a less expensive material and thus a great alternative to those wool rugs. However, they do have their drawbacks – they stain quickly and also tend to fade.

Jute rugs are another type of rugs made of natural materials. They are perfect for living rooms and foyers, as they are quite durable and ideal for places where texture is needed. Keep in mind that they aren’t suitable for damp environments and they absorb odors quite well.

Microfiber rugs – these types of rugs are made of polyester or synthetic materials. They are inexpensive and changing them frequently isn’t a problem. The problem with synthetic rugs is that they get dirty very fast and they aren’t always a safe option – especially if you have kids.

  1. Rug or carpet?

Rug or carpet

Both rugs and carpets have their own advantages and drawbacks. They are both a great way to have something cozy and warm underneath your feet. However, carpets, especially those wall-to-wall ones hold a whole bunch of dust and allergens. And they are especially difficult to keep clean and fresh.

Rugs, on the other hand, are great due to their inexpensiveness and ability to be switched or changed whenever you get bored of them. But they require perfect flooring underneath, if not perfect then at least decent. Thankfully, you can layer the rugs on carpets – that’s a thing now.

  1. Colors and patterns of the rug

The color and pattern of the rug can make a small room feel bigger, and large room seems more cohesive and comfortable. The color of your rug should complement the other two or three main colors in your room. It’s usually a good idea to match the color of throw pillows and drapes with your new rug. Or if you own a furniture piece such as a sofa in a solid color, then it’s a good idea to choose patterned rugs. Click Rugs offer a great variety of rugs in different colors, styles, materials, and you can even choose rugs by the country of origin. Another great thing about Click Rugs is that you can buy a rug now and pay later by splitting your cost into 4 equal payments. All you have to do is know what kind of rug you’re looking for.

  1. Size and style of the rug

Size and style of the rug

Sometimes choosing the right rug size or shape (or both) for your living room can be tricky. First, you should know that the size of the room matters. Choosing the right size depends on the size of your living room. To help you with measurements and to visualize where your rug would be, use tape to tape the exact size you’re planning to go with.

Apart from comfort and coziness, rugs bring personality and warmth to a room. The only real problem is knowing how to choose from so many colors, styles, and materials. Hopefully, these couple of tips managed to help you!


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