Coworking Space in Chandigarh

Co-Working: Chasing Dreams Together

When we start our business we do think about how much money it will cost to buy our basic raw materials and mandatory supplies and decide to live off a very limited budget to make sure the loses are minimized. But is our generation ready to make the sacrifice to start our dream from a tool shed or a small rented 1RK at a secluded location, at some place we can never call our client to meet or where there are no facilities at all? We are such spoiled generation that we need to struggle in comfort and want all our needs fulfilled at our own price range. This is where Co-Working steps in.

In a competitive environment no one can afford everything to start with but we can’t even expect to get ahead in this market without having everything. We do need a desk to work from, IT support to help us and most importantly we do need a place we can tell our client we are established at. These issues might seem to be of a manageable nature for some but in today’s time businesses starting in garage don’t usually turn into billion dollars worth, you really need to work your way out of those 100s others working their way out. Co-Working provides a solution to basic starting need of any business with much needed extra benefits.

Benefits of Co-Working:

Just look at it like your first day of your dream business. Wont it be good to have a desk in a AC cooled area, meeting rooms to call your clients, an address to add to your visiting cards and a chance to interact with many such people who are chasing their dream just like you?. This is what Co-Working is all about. This is not just a place where you get a place to work, it a place where you can work in comfort and you can have a chance to interact and learn from many such business owners.

There are many such occasions as well where you need a vendor to print your id card and you look across the hall and there is a budding business just like yours who is entering the industry of printing, or you need to file some forms and have no idea what those words means, you can just walk to any desk and ask them for help, because you know they have done the same, just few months back.
Recognizing the potential of a co-working space in encouraging and bringing together startups and entrepreneurial minds under one roof, Tier 2 cities like Chandigarh are coming up with more and more co-working spaces.

What they offer:

Co-working platform, when started, were all about providing facilities like a work station, printer, newt connecting, and if lucky a meeting room but as the competition is something that is there in all industries coworking has also been hit and now provides all sort of much needed features.

A high speed wifi, private conference room with video calling feature, training seminars, recreation rooms, gym membership and even an after work drink and snack budget all included in your monthly rent.

Co-Working places now designed to meet the needs of our generation and their needs, a place where you can bring your pets (Hive), a place that have a drink sent to you after office hours (Social), Kitchen so that you don’t skip on any meals (Bombay Connect) and even work training’s and seminars from the top in industry.

Don’t they make you wonder if you even need to buy a place to work?

A blessing for start-ups:

Co-Working was started with keeping startups in mind and have been developing by keeping the same generation as their focus market. Facilities provided by Co-Working are not only to meet the basic needs but also to provide a safe space for these start-ups to actually grow.

One of the most helpful feature that Co-Working provide is the no strings attached concept, where you can rent a place for a month, year or even for just 2-3 days. Depending on your need you can get into an agreement with the place and can use the facilities of their need.

This new concept has not only provided a support to the dreams of budding entrepreneurs but has also given a chance to the small business to find a place in market and with these concepts growing further they can actually be a motivation for people to chase their dreams.

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