Common Religious Elements Every Indian Wedding Cards Contain

Common Religious Elements Every Indian Wedding Cards Contain

March 30, 2019 0 By bloglization

Indian wedding cards contains a lot of religious elements and most of these religious elements are common on every wedding card. Indian wedding cards contain a lot of colorful images and symbols . In these images and symbols , most of the images and symbols represents love in the Indian culture . Most of the images and symbols are important for marriage according to the Indian Culture. Mostly these symbols represents the religious nature in Indian Culture and also mostly images and symbols symbolizes God.

Here are some symbols that are available on the wedding cards :-

  1. Ganesh : Mostly Indian wedding cards contain photo or image of Lord Ganesh on the front page . Lord Ganesh is always worshiped first. It is believe that if we worshiped Lord Ganesh first then Lord Ganesh removes all the obstacles and hurdles. This is the reason that mostly Indian wedding cards contain Lord Ganesh so that the marriage will completed without any obstacles and hurdles.
  1. Kalasha : Also mostly wedding cards contains photo or image of Kalash. The Image of Kalasha consists of a vase along with leaves of mango tree spread at the mouth of vase and a coconut placed at mouth of vase. The photo and image of Kalasha symbolizes bliss, joy and abundance.
  1. Swastika : Swastika symbol is consider as the symbol of purity, happiness and peace and that is the reason that mostly Indian wedding cards contains swastika symbol or image.
  1. Doli Symbol : Doli is one of the most important element of wedding. In India there is a culture that after completion of every ceremony and functions of wedding i.e. when wedding formalities get completed then the Bride goes to her new home or to in laws home in Doli and that’s the reason that mostly Indian Wedding Cards consists of Doli symbol.
  1. Om Symbol : Om is symbol which means inner peace and happiness and that’s the reason that mostly indian wedding cards consists of the Om Symbol.
  1. Shennai : Shennai is an instrument that is played on the occasion of wedding. The Shennai symbol is available on the mostly wedding cards.
  1. Dholak : Dholak is also an instrument that is played during the wedding ceremony and also dholak images are available on mostly wedding cards.
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The above mentioned symbols and images are available on the mostly Hinduism wedding cards. These symbols are considered as prosperous in Indian society. Along with these symbols and images there is one more thing that is common in almost every wedding cards of Indian society. Mostly wedding cards are of red,yellow,orange and golden color. There are also a lot of common words that are present on the wedding cards like ‘Subh – Vivah’ , ‘Mangal – bela’ , ‘Subh – labh’,’Riddhi – Siddhi’,’Om Gan Ganeshaya Namho’ etc. Along with these at the end of card there is a section ‘Bal – Manohar’ which consists of sweet request from the children of family to invite the guest to the wedding ceremony.

In this way the Indian wedding card consist of symbols and images which represents happiness and manohar.