Dawn of A New Era: Indian Agro-Business Moves Online

A new era began when the PM Modi launched the e-market for agricultural products in India. If we think about the history of agriculture in India, it has always been the farmers who get the actual value neither for their toil nor for their produces. The syndication of the wholesale market and extortion at various checkpoints makes the life of the consumer and the farmers very difficult. Farmers do not get a good price and the consumers pay more than what should be the actual value of a product.

But that day is about to be gone. PM Modi’s initiative has ushered an opportunity for the consumers and farmers alike to buy and sell various agricultural produces. Since the launching, there has been a steady rise of e-business for the products and services like online agriculture seed, flower seeds, or vegetable seeds. Now, farmers can directly advertise their products on various websites. Before, the low-income farmers, unable to fund their projects, would go and borrow money from lenders. The lenders than would decide a price for the farm products and buy from the farmers at a price that satisfies them but not the farmers.

In addition to this, illiteracy also played a vital role in putting these farmers in eternal debt. There was only a remedy to this and it was to create a system where the farmers can directly advertise their farm products as agriculture seeds supplier. They can sell flower seeds online now from anywhere in India if you have internet access. Online vegetable seeds are also available today. The B2C retail services for vegetables are mainly for city areas. B2B wholesale helps the farmers to advertise their products online. This also opened an opportunity for the vendors as they can offer their premium services to farmers regarding packaging, a storage facility for perishable items, agriculture-related machinery, etc. via various online portals.

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A Google search will provide ample example of the growth of Indian online agricultural product market. It is so easy to buy products now. Just from the comfort of your home, you can use your PC, or any mobile device to order products right at your doorsteps. Nowadays, we also have mobile apps to help consumers and farmers alike to help each other. Farmers are also often buyers as they need to buy seeds and other farming products such as fertilizers and machinery, etc. For farmers/people who are looking for the best online seeds can contact agriculture seeds supplier.

In short, India’s online agriculture market is booming and everything is available just with a touch or click.

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