Features of installing plumbing fixtures in the house and the nuances that you need to pay special attention to

Features of installing plumbing fixtures in the house and the nuances that you need to pay special attention to

August 29, 2022 0 By mindmingles

The comfort of people depends on the state of plumbing in the house. Who will not be annoyed if there is no opportunity to wash clothes or take a relaxing shower? Although repair and installation does not take much time, it requires some skills. If you take the easy route and call a professional to your home, you will also need to know the basics to demand a quality result.

Most common plumbing problems

       In most cases, problems arise with the faucet. Water often starts to leak from the docking points. The constant falling of drops makes an irritable sound that gets on your nerves and does not allow you to sleep peacefully at night. And money goes with the water. Before repairing, first shut off the water, drain its remnants from the system. Usually, to fix the problem, you need to change the gasket in the tap. The plumber can do it in an hour.

        A clogged or slow drain in a kitchen or bathroom sink is also a common problem. This happens due to debris, hair or pieces of food getting into the siphon (a barrier against sewer odors). Therefore, there is an unpleasant odor and stagnation of water. In this case, it must be disconnected and cleaned.     

Things to consider when having plumbing installed

       Properly installed plumbing will not only perform its functions correctly, but also look beautiful. It is recommended to buy devices from trusted manufacturers, but you can also trust little-known (they are not always bad).

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If you are going to install plumbing fixtures yourself or order plumbing services, pay attention to:

  •       Height difference. When moving plumbing, you need to consider the angle of the slope. For example, when a shower cabin is put in another place, it is raised up to 10 cm. If this is not done, the drain will work poorly or slowly.
  •       Tightness when connecting plumbing fixtures to water or sewer pipes. It is also better not to choose plastic pipes: they make noise when draining water.
  •       The choice of plumbing fixtures (if you are installing new ones). They must fit in the space provided. The most common mistakes: the toilet is not suitable for installation or the faucet spout does not reach the drain of the bathtub or sink.
  •       Location of plumbing fixtures. For example, the toilet should be at least 12 cm away from the side wall (for small apartments). To do everything right, you can contact the experts or look at the rest of the measurements on the Internet.

 How to check the work done by a plumber

      Choosing commercial plumbing services is a good solution for quality repairs and installations. But you need to remember the main points in order to be able to check the finished work.

Wrinkling of pipes under bending

       In some cases, a specialist has to bend the pipe to fix it. It is important to check if there are any creases (defects). They block the flow of water, which leads to a breakthrough. Feel free to point out the master to his mistakes.

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Serviceability of plumbing fixtures

       When a person accepts a job, it can be inconvenient for him to double-check basic things. For example, are the hot and cold water faucets working properly. They were repaired by a specialist, how could there be something wrong? But it soon turns out that the problem has not been fixed. Therefore, before paying, open all the taps, try starting the washing machine or draining the toilet (depending on the situation). There should be no malfunctions.

Leaks in joints between pipes

        Weak or insufficiently sealed joints often leak. You can notice this not immediately, but when you already need to put basins for water. At first the pipes are a little wet, but over time the gap becomes wider and the flow increases. Helpful Hint: Run a paper or cloth napkin over all joints. If it does not become wet, then there are no leaks, and the work was done in good faith.


       The installation and repair of plumbing should not be treated negligently. Although there is one plus: if something goes wrong, it will be possible to make a brand new home renovation. Repair it yourself if you are sure of your abilities. In other cases, it would be better to turn to the masters of their craft, who guarantee a quality result.