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Home Decoration By Artificial Flowers You’ll Love

I fear I have already lost some of my readers with the title. “Artificial flowers, you mean the plastic, stiff, colorful nuisances with stick-out wired stems?” But you must need them for home decoration.

Fake flowers have come a long, long way since the exhausted versions of themselves. You’ll be surprised (or not,) to know that the history behind this fake flora jam that everyone’s into didn’t start with the infamous, low-grade plastics. Rather, it started with silkworm cocoons and eventually made its way to muslin, crepe, satin, silk, velvet, cambric, wood, wax, and even metal.

I, myself, have the best artificial flowers in my home. The flowers I have in my home are made from gauze and metal. The metal ones, especially gold and silver colored ones look surreal in dim light or you know, golden/yellowish lights.

Since I am a firsthand user, I guess you won’t be any more skeptical of the use and appearance of it.

artificial flowers


Who needs them

Everyone. At least, everyone who can afford. You might have tens of crystal showpieces; a beautiful aquarium bursting with colorful Cherry barbs, Guppies and Neon tetras; a curved LED TV or none of these.

Whether you do or do not possess these, nothing compares to an arrangement of flowers: be it fresh or fake and gives an instant uplift to the room. So yes, anyone and everyone can try their hands here.

Why you need them for home decoration

Not just for uplifting the space, you know. Artificial flowers are desirable for these reasons too:

  1. No wilting. Have you ever had the saddening feeling when you purchase a whole lot of flowers, dunk them in water and every morning watching them die slowly? I hate that. But I love buying flowers and their presence. So what I do, is I purchase real flowers a little less and have decorated my living and study area with fake flowers, which won’t die. Or sag. Or wilt.
  2. No watering, no need for fertilizers. And no need to bask in the sun.
  3. No attracting bees and other insects. But if they get fooled by reality and come close, don’t worry they’ll leave.
  4. Easy to carry when moving in or out.
  5. Pet-friendly.
  6. Can be used occasionally or throughout the year.
  7. Neighbor-deceiving, relative-envying pieces that’ll have them wondering how long your orchids last since Christmas two years back when they last saw it.

Which ones to choose

You have as many options as the hair on your head. There are so many different manufacturers that come up with different materials and bases, you will have little to worry.

If you want Wisteria, Peony, Veronica, Ranunculus, Orchids, Hollyhock, Astrantia, Lavenders from John Lewis, Nordic House, OKA or simply from Amazon, you can do your research and purchase.

artificial flowers

How to style for home decoration

Here I will mention all the places I can possibly think of, for you to style with artificial flowers:

Tabletop: Any surface will look beautiful with a bouquet of brightly colored flowers or any succulents. A bouquet of artificial white Hydrangea, Rose, Gerbera daisies, Peonies, Poinsettias, Geraniums, etc. will look beautiful on any surface.

Living Room: Artificial Arum-lilies/Calla lilies in long glass vases, Larkspurs, Forsythias (metal will look great), Cherry blossoms, Orchids, Laceleafs, and Moth orchids will look stunning here.

Reading room: Tall floral arrangements similar to the living room ones will be just as good here.

Kitchen: Floral arrangements in Easter baskets, a collection of mixed flowers in a vase, any flower in little planters, Nasturtium, Bougainvillea or Begonia flowers in hanging baskets will look great in the kitchen. You can add fake berries as well as fruits in the basket. Above refrigerators, a bright, sunny set of sunflowers will be very warm and pleasant.

Shelf: Artificial rosebuds, Cymbidium or boat orchids, Poppies, Rubrum lilies, Dogwoods, Tulips, Daisies, etc. can be arranged on shelves.

Bedroom: Intimate white roses will look breathtaking and very relaxing in this room. A Hydrangea and Peony bouquet, a set of dried red Roses, red Ranunculus, Gladiolus will look great here.

Sunroom, Guest Room, Walls, and Doors: Besides the usual vase and bouquet arrangements, you can use floral wreaths. A few wreaths together will look equally good in the living or family room. Your family name on the walls or house number in the front porch will look sweet in the middle of a tastefully decorated wreath.

Hallway/Corners/Entertainment centers: Heirloom/antique vases, vases made of colorful glass or porcelain and rustic, dried-looking flowers are for these places.

Windowsills: Pink, purple, blue and similar bright colors look better on the windowsills. Even neutral colors will look just as fine.

Tips to remember

Any floral arrangement, be it artificial or fake, can be fleshed out with greeneries and foliage. In every type of arrangements mentioned above, you can add artificial Eucalyptus leaves. This will add instant definition to your arrangement and needless to say, spice the look a whole lot.

Also, I am no interior design expert so my words on where to put and how to decorate which flower is just as useful as your own choices. If it looks good according to you, it looks good according to me too. These are all my personal opinion entirely. You can either do it this way or work out your own. No worries.

The size and type of container/planter you arrange your flowers in, matter a lot. Don’t always use the ones that come with the flower. Change things up a bit. You can’t imagine how many folds it will start looking good.

Go for silk ones. They always make the best artificial flower that looks real.

Clean them once in a while so that your beauties don’t get covered in dust and resemble horror movie props.

That’s all folks. That’s all you need to know about artificial flowers for your home decor.

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