Producers of quality, American manufactured laboratory equipment. Our water baths, incubators, and industrial ovens set industry standards in terms of performance, longevity, and innovation

INCUBATORS-Our incubators serve a wide variety of functions and provide a range of services to laboratories from self-sterilizing chambers to rigidly controlled refrigerated units.

OVENS-SHEL LAB’s catalog of ovens meets the need of nearly any laboratory. The major types of ovens offered include vacuum, forced-air, gravity convection, and durable high-performance units.

WATER BATHS-Laboratory water baths are excellent at maintaining steady temperatures due to water’s high specific heat. Shel Lab Incubators offers various bath sizes, depths, and capabilities to serve a varied spectrum of applications. The SHEL LAB Water Baths are truly unique in construction. Shel labs were the first to introduce the non-contact recessed heating element to the analytical research marketplace. These designs specifically curtail element burnout and eliminate tank hot spots that are chronic challenges for other water baths.

ACCESSORIES AND PARTS-Various extra accessories and parts are available to increase equipment capabilities, improve drying methods, or replace old parts.

Incubators provide temperature, CO2, and humidity controlled environments to fit the research demands of numerous fields of study. All Sheldon Manufacturing incubators are designed to provide repeatable, reliable conditions and reduce sample contamination.

SHEL LAB INCUBATORS from Sheldon Manufacturing are designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. We offer CO2, general purpose, shaking, refrigerated, and illuminated growth chambers in a variety of sizes.

SHEL LAB incubator products are diverse, allowing researchers to find a unit that serves their unique needs. This is why our customers range through nearly every industry, from industrial manufacturers to medical research facilities. Our unique improvements to incubators make them stand apart in terms of atmospheric control and uniformity.

CO2 INCUBATORS-SHEL LAB’s CO2 Incubators serve a wide range of bacterial and cell growth applications using innovative technology to ensure uniform temperature and humidity levels within small error margins.

SHEL LAB CO2 Incubators combine contamination control, decontamination, and precise temperature and CO2 control for years of constant performance. Shel lab CO2 Incubators come with unique features :

  • Coved Corners for Easy Cleaning
  • New Anti-Corrosion Zinc Anode for Easy Set-Up & Tap Water Use
  • Patented Copper-Housed Bacteriostatic HEPA Filter for Superior Contamination Prevention
  • Built-In CO2 Tank Switcher for auto tank changeover
  • Factory Pre-Set Door Thermostat
  • Pre-Heated CO2 Gas Inlet for Increased Temperature Uniformity
  • Front-Mounted Gas , USB Connections for Convenience
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 7 Year Guarantee on IR Sensor

MICROBIOLOGICAL INCUBATORS-Designed for simplicity and durability, SHEL LAB Microbiological Incubators withstand constant use without losing atmospheric control. Ideal for growth and storage of microbial cultures, cell cultures and general purposes, our Microbiological Incubators provide reliable testing conditions across the board.

REFRIGETAOR INCUBATORS-Our refrigerated incubators excel at biological oxygen demand (BOD) applications. We also offer models for more specific applications, like our day/night illumination and temperature cycling Drosophila and Diurnal chambers.

SHAKING INCUBATORS-SHEL LAB’s shaking incubators provide smooth, low noise oscillation. RPM is monitored by an alarm system.

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