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How Early Learning Child Care Centers Develop Responsibility and Independence in Children

How important is it to teach a child to be responsible and independent? From a scale of one to ten, we are leaning towards ten!

“Independence contributes to the development of self-esteem, identity and wellbeing’ – Early Childhood Australia

Teaching a child how to be responsible and independent from a young age helps them to overcome obstacles and remain prepared for adulthood. Early child care centres have the responsibility of helping children develop their own skills in their own time.

Rather than helping them with EVERY task they do, it is crucial to let a child free in certain scenarios and allow them to grow within their own time.

Developing independence and responsibility starts at home as well as in early learning childcare! Embedding particular behaviours within your child at home will help support them at their early childcare centre as well as further on in life at school and fast-forwarding to their career.

When you achieve a certain goal in life, you are usually overwhelmed with feelings of success and achievement. The same applies to children. When they learn how to complete a certain task by themselves, they too feel accomplished.

Allowing your child to make their own decisions and hold certain opinions toward particular subjects helps develop independent learning and thinking.

How to teach children to be independent: Early Learning Child Care:

  1. Childcare tasks: although children may find it boring to complete educational tasks at home and in early learning childcare, it is important to set daily working routines. Organisation and routine will help them in the future as they will no longer wait for anyone to tell them what to do, rather take initiative and act independently.
  2. Chores: washing up, packing away and cleaning their room. ‘But mum, I don’t want to!’ Yes we’ve all heard it. No one wants to do the chores at home. However, it is not only about helping the family to keep the house in order. Chores help children develop responsibility as they are assigned tasks in which they have to complete. This also aids their self-confidence and teaches them the importance of completing tasks.
  3. Opinions: everyone has opinions and suppressing these can be dangerous for a child’s development. It is important to not force particular values or opinions onto your child as this only prevents them from forming their own. Encouraging your child to develop their own opinions both at home and in early learning child care, will help them learn how to be independent and think for themselves, rather than believing what everyone else believes.

“The essence of independence is to be able to do something for oneself” – Maria Montessori

How to teach children to be responsible: Early Learning Child Care

Many people may ask. What does it mean to be responsible?

  • A trusting character
  • Meeting commitments
  • Accomplishing tasks
  • Liability for behaviour
  • Contribution to society, family and community

It is fundamental to teach children how to be responsible from a young age, both at home and in early learning child care, as these skills are carried on in the future. Some tips on teaching a child how to be responsible include:

  1. Tasks: assign tasks that your child can handle. These not only teach independence but promote responsibility. Simple chores such as cleaning their closet are sufficient in teaching them these values.
  2. Guiding expectations: teaching right from wrong is important. However, it is more important to remind them rather than scold them. Children need to gain life experience and learn how to manage their expectations, and sometimes this needs to be done independently.
  3. Praise and reward: displaying appreciation when a child has completed a task or has reached a particular milestone in their life is important in boosting their self-confidence further promoting their sense of responsibility.

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