How To Clean Like A Pro – The Ultimate House Deep Cleaning Checklist


Spending hours and hours on cleaning your entire house and household items are really very tough. And, getting a dis satisfactory result is another frustrating moment for everyone. Have you ever realized that you left a few spots after doing the cleaning tack for long hours? And, in this condition, nobody wants to pick up the dustpan again.

House deep cleaning is a very daunting task, as everyone knows. So, we have brought you a handy deep cleaning checklist which lay out your cleaning tasks, gives you enough time to plan for it and estimate the time you need to spend and what are the things need to be done.

So, instead of doing the all cleaning tasks in one day and gasping in fatigue and tiredness, you can split it over the weekend and have a sigh of relief!

What is house deep cleaning?

House deep cleaning is the advanced version of your day-to-day cleaning. Your daily cleaning activities take only an hour because you only focus on cleaning the open spaces means visible areas. But in deep house cleaning, you mostly focus on all the nooks and corners as well. Moreover, deep home cleaning allows you to disinfect your living space, thus taking extra time than basic deep cleaning.

House deep cleaning checklist – Based on our cleaning experience, we have listed down the tasks that one would perform while deep cleaning his/her house. From the list, you can do all at once or do in sections. However, in any case, you will get desirable progress and cleanliness in your home. From our experience, we would suggest you follow the plan to the T.

But before starting the cleaning task, you must de-clutter your house. Just cast out all unusable items such as old newspapers, plastic bags, magazines, and put toys in their respective places. Clothes also come in this list. Only fold them and place them in their corresponding sections. Once you are done with this, it’s time to follow our cleaning checklist.

House Deep Cleaning Checklist



  • Cleaning of all appliances like blender, toaster, microwave, OTG, refrigerator
  • Wiping of the woodwork, switchboards, keypads, and door-frames
  • Cleaning of kitchen windows, windowsill
  • Dusting and sanitizing chimney and exhaust fan of kitchen

Living Room


  • Vacuuming upholstered sofa, and couches
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Cleaning of all woodwork, switchboards, and door-frames
  • A dusting of the lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Vacuuming the hallways and stairs
  • Cleaning of display shelves and replace all the items after dusting


bathroom sink

  • Wiping mirrors
  • Scrubbing of the bathtubs and shower area
  • Disinfecting the counter tops and floors
  • Making of bath fittings and faucets
  • Cleaning cabinets and throwing out empty bottles and expired items
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • A dusting of lights and fans


bedroom clenaing

  • Changing bed sheets and making of beds
  • Cleaning LCD panel and replacing the items once cleaned
  • Straightening and fluffing pillows and cushions
  • Dusting all furniture like tables, wardrobes, chairs, and couches
  • Cleaning bedside tables and trinkets
  • Wiping mirrors and picture frames

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