gearless home elevator


The use of elevators has become very common over the last few decades such that we don’t count them among innovative modern technologies. It’s has been quite a long time since people have started installing elevators in their homes for their convenience. Home elevators come in various types and designs to match your style and home interior. You can choose the type of elevator you want and then customize it according to your style. From lighting to its walls to flooring, everything can be of your choice.

If you’re planning to install an elevator in your house anytime soon, you must have researched about different types of elevators and their pros and cons.  If this is actually the case, then you would already know that among various types of elevators available today, the most appreciated ones are gearless elevators. And in case you don’t know much about these elevators, you’ll soon do by the end of reading this article.

Magnet Technology and High Energy Efficiency

Gearless elevators work on magnet technology and are highly energy efficient. These elevators have a brilliant torque performance in which the gear box is entirely eliminated. The best thing about gearless home elevators are that they’re extremely safe and highly luxurious, and our perfect for private residences.

These elevators have wheel directly attached to the motor and have a speed of up to 2000 ft. per minute. Another exceptional property of these lifts are that they can move to a distance of about 2000 ft. This feature isn’t present in other types of lifts and therefore these gearless lifts are the only option available for high-rise buildings.

Gearless elevators have a high installation cost but they’re worth an investment because of their low maintenance costs and energy efficiency.

These innovative Residential elevators offer many benefits that conventional lifts usually don’t do.

Benefits of Gearless Home Elevators

–      They are highly energy efficient.

–      They can be easily customized according to your needs and convenience. They offer a huge range of customization options. They come in various sizes and finishing styles that you can easy choose from. You can go for veneer or hardwood cabins, or you can go for vinyl laminate.

–      Their manufacturing is much simpler than those of other lifts as it involves fewer equipment and energy. Gearless elevators save more than 50% of energy that is used in engineering of other lifts.

–      As few parts are involved in their construction, when these elevators age, fewer parts wear out and have to be replaced. This reduces the maintenance cost of the gearless elevators and makes replacement of their parts easy. Due to the same reason, labor cost for installation & function checkup of these lifts is also low. However, it is recommended that their traction elevator ropes and sheaves are frequently checked, as they can wear out and reduce efficiency if left unchecked.

–      These lifts are highly durable and offer great comfort.

–      As gearless lifts work on low energy, they creates less friction. This reduces the noise and emissions resulting from it. This property of gearless lifts also make them environment friendly.

–      The need for installation of machine room is completely eliminated as the entire unit is fitted on the shaft due to the compacted size and design of the gearless lifts.

–      They are designed with the capability of operating in extreme temperature differences. They can work perfectly fine in extremely hot summers and cold winters.

–      Due to lesser friction, gearless elevators produce less heat and have minimal resistance. Having these features, these elevators can function at high speeds for long hours. In most cases, these elevators are available to function at 24/7.

–      Various safety measures and technologies are incorporated in their system that make it easy to get out of the lift during breakdown. In this way, gearless elevators are built to ensure maximum safety of the passengers.

There are various reasons why gearless home elevators are widely used and appreciated, but its customization feature is what attracts most of its users. These elevators combine innovative technology with customized design, and in this way they are able to match any classy & elegant home design.

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