Metal & Canvas Prints: Exploring the Paradigm

There are so many options when it comes to products you can print your photos on—which is great!—but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which is right for your space and, ultimately, which product will really make your photo look its best. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal prints versus canvas prints.

Two very popular photo art products we offer are HD Metal photo Prints and Canvas Prints. Both are made using premium materials and our proprietary photo printing software which creates sharp, crisp prints at a large scale. Both types of prints are also built to last, using inks that have a fade-resistant rating of over 100 years. So, which what is the printing substrate you choose here? Metal or canvas?

You Want to Display Your Print Outdoors

If you want to display your artwork in an environment with high humidity, like the bathroom or kitchen, Canvas Prints and HD Metal Prints are both good options and are durable enough to withstand this type of environment.

If you want to display your artwork outdoors, an HD Metal Print is a better option over a Canvas Print thanks to the solid metal panel it’s made from. Our UV-stable inks are designed to protect your art from fading for over 100 years under normal lighting conditions. This includes some sun, but not constant, direct sunlight. If you display your HD Metal Print in direct sunlight, some fading is likely to occur over time.

Edgy and Modern or Classic and Timeless?

The most obvious, but most important, consideration when comparing HD Metal/Aluminum Prints to Canvas Prints is how it fits in with your home decor style. One of the advantages of Canvas Prints is its versatility, you really can’t go wrong with a Canvas Print, and it looks great in a contemporary, eclectic, traditional, or shabby-chic home. Canvas Prints are timeless and classic.

If your decor style is more modern or industrial, an HD Metal Print will take the lead compared to a Canvas Print. Your photo is printed on a 2mm metal panel and our proprietary Float Mount Hanging System is hidden on the reverse side, which floats the artwork half an inch off the wall. It’s unframed, crisp edges will look brilliant in a modern space.

Glossy or Matte?

Another big difference between HD Metal Prints and Canvas Prints are their finishes. A Canvas Print has a textured, matte finish whereas the HD Metal Prints Vancouver has a smooth, high-gloss finish. As we mentioned when looking at the benefits of canvas printing, photos printed on materials with glossy finishes can look stunning when displayed in the right space,

But in rooms with a lot of light, the shiny finish can cause glare and reflections, which can be a disadvantage to HD Metal Prints. Canvas Prints, however, have a satin-matte finish making them the perfect medium to display photos in brightly lit rooms.

Size and Price

HD Metal Prints and Canvas Prints are available in a vast range of different sizes so if you’re looking for something that fits your space perfectly, you’ll likely find what you need with either option. With that said, Canvas Prints do have more sizes, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for with an HD Metal Print, you could still be in luck with a Canvas Print.

HD Metal Prints and Canvas Prints aren’t miles apart when comparing prices, but if you’re on a tight budget, Canvas Prints are more affordable.

Created using high-quality aluminum panels, our metal prints are tough, durable and weatherproof – perfect for any outdoor area under any weather conditions.

How are our HD metal prints made?

The process used to create an HD metal print is called dye sublimation. The artwork is first printed onto transfer paper. This is then attached to a coated HD metal sheet. Once this is done both are put onto a heat press, which allows the dyes on the transfer paper to heat into gas so that they can be pressed onto the surface of the HD metal sheet.

Once completed and the metal begins to cool the dyes begin to return to their solid state. The end result is the infusion of your image and the HD metal print – creating something that is truly unique. Your images will take on a magical luminescence.

Benefits of using HD Metal Prints

  • It takes a long time before images fade evenly slightly – 60-year no-fade guarantee

  • HD Metal prints are durable and scratch resistance

  • Their look is as versatile as you need – modern or traditional

  • They able to hold up the heat

  • Easy to clean due to the material – direct to surface

  • Very light – despite durability and material (thickness is 1mm to 1.2mm)

  • Uncompromised printing quality

  • Detailed and cleaner finishing

  • Brighter colors

  • Fully customizable

  • Tough exterior to deal with all types of weather conditions

  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Also available in split metal prints

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