Why You Need A VPN For Gaming

Why You Need A VPN For Gaming

May 11, 2020 0 By ISF.com

The coronavirus disease has affected our lifestyles. The health sector is in a crisis and we are being urged to remain at home. Staying at home can feel like you have been stuck in the same environment for way too many hours.

As we continue being apart, we come up with new and exciting ways to unwind. Ways that do not require physical interactions: new forms of entertainment that will help us adhere to the call on social distancing. Gaming is one of the best options available to us.

Luckily, and for everyone interested in gaming, there are hundreds of games that will arouse the interests of the young and the old. 

Benefits of using VPNs for gaming

Games need regular updates and you might have to invest in new games to keep yourself up to date. Using a VPN for gaming can save you this cost. You also have an added advantage of being able to play games online with people who are living in other parts of the world.

A VPN connection helps you to overcome geo-restrictions; this allows you to access other game servers including those ones that might be currently unavailable in your country. You are able to access new game updates from other countries ahead of everybody else back at home. 

With a VPN connection, veteran gamers are able to participate in foreign games competitions with other online gamers from foreign countries. The VPN security ensures that they do not suffer DDoS attacks in the course of the game.

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A VPN connection also allows you to be able to access games at a cheaper price. Sometimes games are sold at a cheaper price at the source markets and the prices tend to skyrocket by the time they become accessible in other markets. With a VPN, you will be able to purchase games at an affordable price, as if you were abroad. 

Accessing the extra content using a VPN

So, how exactly do you go about accessing the extra juicy content of your game thanks to a VPN connection? Here’s the deal, I will teach you how to use a VPN on your PS4 game in order to access foreign game servers, access geo-restricted data and all these, in a 100% anonymity. 

Installing a VPN on a PS4 console

One of the ways of connecting your PS4 console is by using a VPN router. It is the easiest and fastest way of protecting all the devices within that network, and this includes your PS4. Some routers are compatible with VPNs while others are not.

If yours is compatible, all that is required of you is that you set up a VPN client. 

If your router is not VPN compatible, you might have to look for a replacement. There are many VPN routers available in the market and at a low cost. 

What you need to do on your PS4

  • On your router, open your admin panel and log in using the default passwords as provided in the router’s documentation. Unless they have been updated manually, most routers normally retain their default passwords. 
  • On the admin panel of your router, find the VPN client. Proceed to key in the connection details as provided by your VPN service provider. 
  • Log in details include username, password, and the IP address of the VPN servers that are available. Save the changes and close the admin panel. 
  • In case of any queries, you can always contact your VPN service provider. Many have an open customer care support system that is available 24/7 through their different platforms. 
  • Boot the PS4. Some routers too may require a reboot in order to effect the changes. 
  • On the screen of your PS4, go to settings and then network settings. Select the internet connection option and set it to use Wi-Fi. Click to select the easy connection method.
  • All the available Wi-Fi networks will be displayed. Select your network from the list and proceed to connect by filling out the relevant login details. 
  • Check to ensure that the ‘do not use a proxy server’ box is checked. 
  • Ensure that everything is working well by pressing the ‘test connection’ button. 
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How to choose a VPN provider

Wide choice of servers worldwide

The higher the number of servers, the wider the content you will be able to access. 

Reduced pings

In order for a VPN to encrypt your data, it sends it through a tunnel which is an intermediary server. This process, in many cases, may cause an increase in ping time when compared to direct connections. No one wants delays while in a competition in some online game. 

To avoid this, go for VPN players who are strong enough to allow for the bypass of congested bottlenecks between your device and the servers. A VPN provider with a large choice of servers across the world is in a better position to allow for this.

Router compatibility

As already mentioned, some routers are VPN compatible while others are not. Although many routers retail at a low cost, there is no harm in enquiring if your current model is compatible with the select VPN before investing in another one. 

User guide and support

A good VPN service provider should be able to provide support where needed. For instance, if you only need VPN connections for easy home gaming, the service provider should not compel you into investing in an option that has many complex features which you may never put to use. They should instead offer a simple and home-friendly set up that will meet your needs.

High data encryption

While all VPNs boast data protection, some VPNs use traditional methods of securing data while others use the latest technologies. It goes without saying that the more updated the technology a system applies, the more secure it is. Make sure your service provider understands your needs that the recommended product is in line with them.  

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VPNs aren’t just for gaming

Granted, VPNs can provide an amazing gaming experience. However, that’s not all. There’s a whole lot more to what a VPN can do. 

By concealing your footprints and rerouting your data, VPNs allow you to ride over geographical restrictions, allowing you to access even the geo-blocked content like a boss. The best part is that you are able to do this without a single trace by the spying agencies or the ever-snooping hackers. 

In summary

There are many entertainment activities to engage in on the internet. Gaming is one of the best activities and the convenience of being able to use your PC, a smartphone or a gaming console makes the deal even better. A VPN helps smoothens your experience by safely securing your data and concealing all your tracks. 

Your information and data will remain safe as you enjoy the luxury of accessing content from any part of the world.