water damaged smart phone

Nightmare of Water Damaged Smart Phones

Unless you own a waterproof mobile phone, the reality spells it out that dropping your phone into the pool of water is a nightmare.

This is one of the heart-stopping moment as you helplessly watch almost in slow motion, your smartphone drown in water. Everyone considers the water is the worst nightmare of the smartphone. If you are dealing with the water damaged phone, you have to do a few steps to recover it.

Turn off the phone immediately

After dropping into the water, switch off your mobile otherwise, it may cause mobile phone repair. Don’t expect it to function properly after dealing with the water.

Remove the Accessories

Remove all the accessories including a battery, SIM card, cover, and memory card. After that, clean the water drops else it could affect them.

Soak Water from Water Damaged from Phone

Rinse water from your phone and the accessories by using the cotton cloth, napkin or toilet paper. Make sure that you soak as much as possible, then wrap the phone in a tissue paper and dry it for some time.

Place your Phone in a water absorb-er

Use some absorbing particle to dry your phone. The rice is considered as the perfect for absorbing liquid that is mostly used for drying smartphones and tablets. The alternative option for drying your smartphone is put it in a silica gel pack which has the ability to consume water. Typically, gel packs are commonly used in shoe boxes.

Check it out

Remove the water damaged smartphone from the rice bag or silica gel pack after two days. Then, insert the battery into your phone and turn on your smartphone.

After the process, if your mobile phone doesn’t turn on or doesn’t charge, you have to replace your battery. Otherwise, you may take your smartphone to repair shop that will be checked by mobile repair experts.

Things that you shouldn’t do
  • Don’t heat up your water damaged smartphone with the dryer and don’t shake it up
  • Don’t press any key or don’t try to turn on your phone

These might send water into other internal phone accessories that it causes more damage to your smartphone.  Sometimes, dropping into water may cause screen repair so you will need to replace your screen.

Tips to prevent your Smartphone from Water Damage

First, you have to do is to take precautions. An ideal solution is to avoid water contact with your phone. Use a waterproof pouch that can protect you from the water.

Quick reaction is the primary key for saving your phone from the damage. If the longer your phone is submerged underwater, there is less chance to recover it. After recovering your phone from damage, ensure that your phone is off and never turn it back. Put your phone on a flat surface out of harm’s away. Don’t connect it your charger, otherwise, it may cause smartphone repair.

Always, remember those things that will help you to save your smartphone from water damage.

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