Online Furniture Market in Bangladesh

Online Furniture Market in Bangladesh

June 27, 2019 0 By Pioneer DZ

The way jewelry decorates and enhances a woman’s beauty, furniture does that to empty houses. No house is complete without furniture. It brings elegance and adds exquisiteness to the vacant spaces of the house and also makes the lives easier of the people living in the house. In Bangladesh, the furniture industry has changed a lot throughout all these years. New and modern designs are adequately seen on the furniture at present. In past days, the most common way to buy furniture was to roam around the shops looking and searching for the desired furniture which was both time consuming and a lot hassle. But due to digitalization, now many of the top furniture brands of the country are selling furniture through their websites. You just have to sit in front of the computer, go to the website and mention the price range, material and your room size then you can easily choose your preferred furniture from the displayed list. The furniture is delivered to the doorstep and also installed by the company people.

In the past, there was less variety of furniture available. But now a days there is a huge variety of furniture which are on trend and also on the top of the consumers buying list. The new furniture addition to the different room category are-

1. Living room furniture

The living room is the first room to create an impression about the people living in the house on the guest’s mind. Also living room works as the entrance of the house. So having some sophisticated and pleasant furniture is a must to create a good impression on the guests. Among the popular furniture used in the living room are- Sofa, Center table, TV trolley, Magazine trolley, Magazine shelf, Divan, Telephone table, Shoe rack and coffee table. 


The price of the sofa starts from BDT 50,000/- and can increase up to BDT 1-1.5lacs. 

Center table:

After that comes the center table, the price of which starts from BDT 8,000/-. The better the design and the quality of the furniture the price also gets higher.

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Television trolleys:

Television trolleys are becoming popular now a days as it helps to create space for not only television but also other staffs and relevant things with the televisions. The price range of the trolleys starts from BDT 11,000/- and can go up to BDT 25,000/-. 

Magazine trolley and magazine shelf:

Magazine trolley and Magazine shelf are mostly comparable in terms of the purpose but the main difference is in the size. Magazine trolley is more like a small cabinet and magazine shelf’s design is more like a shelf having racks and also height similar to bookshelves. The price range of magazine trolley and shelf starts from BDT 7,000/-. 


A divan is wider and spacious than regular sofa’s and also adds classiness to the living room. The price starts from BDT 30,000/- and varies with the design and materials used for making.

Telephone table:

Telephone tables are optional but many people have their telephone sets located in the living room. So many households have telephone table in their living room. The price range of a minimum design and quality telephone table starts from BDT 5,000/- and might increase up to BDT 9,000/-. 

Shoe Rack:

Non Compulsory furniture for the living room is the shoe rack also. If you are looking for single shelf type shoe rack, the cost will start from BDT 8,000/- and if you are looking for a closet design shoe rack then the price will start from BDT 18,000/-. 

Coffee table:

Coffee tables are smaller and cozy compared to the center tables and the price range varies from size to size and designs.

2. Bedroom furniture

A bedroom is a place where we spend most of our time when we are at home. So having a cozy bed, spacious almirah, trendy dressing table is what we need to soothe us. 


The first furniture that is compulsory for a bedroom is the bed itself. The price of the bed starts from BDT 25,000/- and might increase up to BDT 60,000/- based on the design, pattern and material used in producing the bed. 

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After bed comes Almirah or closet which is the second primary furniture of the bedroom. Closet’s price range varies from BDT 30,000/- to BDT 80,000/-. Mostly used materials for making almirah is wood or oak veneer. 

Side table drawer:

Another essential staff required by the side of the bed is the side table drawer. For keeping the charger, bedtime reading books, medicines and other important staffs there is no alternative to side table drawer. The price of the side table starts from BDT 6,000/-. 

Chest drawers:

Some people prefer chest drawers over almirah or closet. The price range starts from BDT 30,000/-. The price of the chest drawers varies from the number of drawers and material used for making it. 

Dressing table:

Dressing table comes next. Previously only a mirror in the room would do the work but now a days a well partitioned, having drawers, different chambers for different products in the dressing table is on the trend. So the latest model of dressing tables price ranges from BDT 10,000/- but with enhanced quality, design and pattern the price range might get a bit high.

3. Dining room furniture

Dining table:

The essential furniture for the dining room is the dining table. Having a trendy and spacious dining table in the center of the room will boost the beauty of the room to some degree. Dining table for four people price starts from BDT 14,000/- and table for six people price starts from BDT 20,000/-. The price range varies because of the pattern, design, size and material of which the table is made of. 


Many of us keep our microwaves in the dining room and for that having a sideboard is a requisite. It has multiple chambers for keeping other cookeries, utensils and all. The price range of sideboard starts from BDT 25,000/- and might go upward depending on the size, design cabinet and drawer numbers. 

Oven stand:

Another alternative to sideboard is the oven stand, which is like a counter for keeping the oven. The price range starts from BDT 12,000/-. 


Showcase is also popular furniture in the dining room. Mostly the expensive dinner set, show pieces are kept in the showcase. The price range of showcase starts from BDT 40,000/- and might rise up to BDT 70,000/-.

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4. Office furniture


The most common furniture that is needed in office is table and chairs. Tables are different based on the purpose and depending on the designation of the person who will be using it. There are differences in the tables for the directors and for the executives. The tables used for the directors are wider and spacious having multiple drawers and chambers whereas tables for the executives are smaller and has up to two or three drawers at most. The price range of tables for directors starts from BDT 15,000/- and might go up to One lakh taka depending on the material, design and size of it. On the other hand, the price range of tables for executives start from BDT 8,000/- and might rise up to BDT 15,000/- maximum. 


After table comes chair. In terms of chair, there are different types of chair for fitting the different purposes in an office. There are waiting room chairs, visitor chairs and swivel chairs. The waiting room chairs price ranges between BDT 10,000/- to BDT 15,000/-. Mostly it is a set of two or three chairs. Visitor chairs price ranges between BDT 7,000/- to BDT 13,000/-. And the swivel chairs which are used for the employees as well as for the top management people those cost between BDT 8,000/- to BDT 30,000/-.  

For buying furniture from online in Bangladesh, the most popular brands like Brothers Furniture, Hatil, Otobi, Regal furniture, Nadia furniture and Furniture bari are selling furniture both online and also through their physical outlets. Selling furniture online helps the customers to save their time, money and hassle. All of these brands have an exciting new range of stylish modern furniture within an affordable price range. The websites are also user-friendly so it is easy for everyone to use. There are options for selecting the material, room size and price range relevant to your budget. If your house or apartment is small then don’t worry you will also get different types of furniture idea for your small home

Apart from these, you can also have a look at  which also has exciting deals on furniture both brand new and used. And thanks to authority for helping us to generate this article by providing pricing idea and a better understanding of the market. 

So now without any worries start decorating your dream house with your preferred set of furniture.