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Organizing Your Store Using Clip Hangers


Anyone with a clothing store understands the immense benefits of clip hangers these are an important accessory for organizing a clothes store. Hangers come in different variations regarding shape, material, and purpose. Apart from keeping the store organized, hangers also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store.

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Hangers are classified into various categories including by the type of clothes to hung on them and material used to produce them. Each type of hanger has its pros and cons. Understanding the various options for hangers available will help you make the best choice to use in your store. To ease things up, here are the various options for hangers according to various features.

Hangers according to type of material

Wooden hangers 

These are hangers made from wood making them elegant, sustainable, and with a timeless appeal. Wooden hangers will give a trendy look to your store. Compared to hangers made from different material, wooden hangers make a classic choice for any fashionista to choose particular attire. These hangers support more weight and protect clothes from wrinkles. Curved and thick wooden hangers are appropriate for storing coats and suits.

Plastic hangers

When your clothing store is a startup or needs to purchase many hangers plastic hangers are a durable and budget-friendly choice. You can use plastic hangers for any type of clothes apart from heavier and voluminous garments. When looking for clip hangers, opt for those made from plastic for their combination of practicality and comfort. Additionally, these hangers are available in various shapes and colors to introduce mood and variety in your store. Plastic clip hangers are more ideal for blouses and shirts.

Wire hangers

Made for thin shirts and blouses, wire hangers are cheap and take little space. These hangers also come in handy for various DIY tasks such as unclogging a sink, unlocking a door, or crafting a makeshift antenna for your TV. However, wire hangers are usually very thin and might not absorb and distribute garment weight evenly. Additionally, these hangers are made from metal making then prone to rusting which might cause discoloration in garments.

Fabric hangers

These are very elegant and tiny sized hangers for delicate fabrics. However, these will give your clothing display radiate femininity backed by style. Fabric hangers are ideal in a ladies fashion boutique for storing pricey dresses and suits. Alternatively, you can use these hangers for storing underwear in fine fabrics including lace or lace. This is because these hangers are covered in linen or satin to allow damage to clothing fabric.

Hangers according to type of clothes

Hangers for baby clothes

Usually in bright colors, hangers for baby clothes come in various designs and prints. You can find them in designs including geometrical shapes, floral star, cartoons, and moon. These hangers are very convenient for use in your clothing store for allowing staff to easily distinguish baby clothes quickly. Baby clothes hangers are made from plastic making them durable and budget-friendly.

Hangers for pants

These are hangers specially made with a clamp for closing over the trouser leg. This allows hanging the pants vertically to avoid unpleasant marks. Using hangers for pants is a must idea compared to using regular hangers. You can hung a trouser on a regular hanger’s horizontal bar but it might fall off anytime. Using hangers specially made for trousers is a better idea. These have a clamp to keep the trouser tightly secured on the hanger.

Hangers for skirts

Just like there are hangers for trousers, those specifically for skirts are available as well. Both have a clamp for securing the item securely on the hanger but skirt hangers have perches as well. The perches with clamp keep the skirt secure on the hanger around the waist. This limits the skirt from getting wrinkles when on display.

Hangers for coats

Presentation of clothing to customers in a boutique store is very important. Hangers for coats are very important for protecting coats on display. These hangers are curved and sturdy to support the weight of the coat. Hangers for coats come in various sizes to offer a perfect fit to various coats. Coat hangers have round and wide ends to support the coat’s padded shoulders.

Hangers for belts

A clothing store obviously has belts in stock. Shoppers both male and female are likely to spend on belts. However, their presentation matters. Invest in belt hangers to make it easy for shoppers to browse through your belt collection. These hangers come with special hooks form where to hung belt buckles vertically.

Hangers for ties

Businessmen and other professionals dress in their crisp suits with a tie. So, you should invest in hangers for ties. This allows shoppers to easily select the idea ties to match their suits. Hangers for ties come with a vertical bar fitted with short hooks where to hung the neckties. This makes the ties easy to be noticed by customers.

Bottom line

Hangers are handy accessories in a clothing store. These come in a range of materials and suited for a particular purpose. The right hangers will keep your store organized and your items more appealing to shoppers.

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