Perfect ideas for valentine celebration with friends

Perfect Ways for Valentine’s Day Celebration with Friends

Every age and every gender has a different point of view for celebrating Valentine. It is the day of love for cherishing the special holiday. That doesn’t mean it can be rejoiced by the couples only. Singles can also enjoy it by doing some excellent things. Our article is meant for those singles enjoying the day crowded with friends. All creative things are crowded with fun things to do with friends. You will definitely find the trick to tickle your best friend for this year’s valentine.

1-Gift Exchange

In place of romantic gifts buy some personalized gifts crafted for your friend. You can ask for personalized mug, engraved pen, customized wallet or anything matches to his/her interest. Not for lovers, this is a perfect time for exchanging gifts as a reward for faith and trust in friendship. But if you are in confusion, Valentine’s Present Delivery will help you in searching for the right gift for your friend.

2-Romantic Movies

You are enjoying it with friends that don’t mean you can’t do romantic things.  You can walk to discover and see a romantic movie with your beastie. If you have a group of friend buy tickets in advance to make it easy. If you have no plan to go outside, you can watch a romantic movie together at home and enjoy the spending night romantically.

3- Play Board Game

You have no plan to go for outdoor station, create a game zone inside the home. Arrange a board game to play with group of friends. There are so many board games available in the online shop to play with a pal, get it to enjoy it throughout this Valentine holiday. Arrange some drinks, snacks, and crackers to sit and relax for some time. It’s an overnight game so prepare bedding for those seeking to sleep.

4- Go for Trip

Plan to go outdoor trip if you have good place to visit nearby. You can go for nature’s place, long drive or go for camping, skating and hot air balloon ride. This all depends on your group’s adventurous spirit. Or else you can go for a picnic spot to enjoy around nature’s spot. You can explore the new place or new mall discovered around your city. This would be a favorite pastime if you don’t want to spend lonely time at home.

5-Cook food

Want to spend a privacy moment, this healthy trick is supposed to be a big deal for you. Get into the kitchen select a menu and try cooking food. Invite your friend to help and learn the new recipe of a favorite dish. Most probably stores are not open during this time, so get the ingredients before the day to make hassle-free cooking in kitchen.

6- Make homemade gift

The DIY gift is certainly the best object when you are willing to give your friend a heartfelt gift. You can learn and make so many crafty things like greeting cards, paper flower bouquet to reveal your love for a friend. Otherwise, make available all crafty things for friends to make valentine day card for friends. Later on, they will exchange this gift with friends. This would be an entertaining activity if your friends have a crafty skill.


7- Make cookies

It’s a valentine so it can be cherished with the hearty thing. Here is a trick to make the heart-shaped cookies at home and give it to your friend. Readymade cookie dough will make your baking task easy. You need a heart shape mold or cookie cutter to shape it up. Either you can gift it or enjoy eating it with your friend. In both ways, you entertain your friend.

In order to celebrate Valentine, you need not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. Though you are single you can enjoy it fully with doing the above things. If you insist for sending the gift to distant friend send valentine’s flowers online. This is how you can thoroughly enjoy spending good times with your friend. All the above ideas are truly inspired for making friends day a special day of life.

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