Power up your phone during vacation

Power up your phone during vacation

Nothing can ruin your trip like a dead mobile phone. As travelers depend completely on technology, keep your gadgets deeply intertwined. Of course, if you are a frequent traveler then you will be aware of how fast your mobile phone charger will drain. That’s why it is recommended to carry a solar charger while you are on a trip.

Hook a solar charger in your backpack:

Solar panels that are used to power up the batteries of mobile phones are known as solar chargers. There is an alternative to electrical chargers. Though the time taken for a complete charge is more, the capacity extends on regular usage. A solar powered phone charger powers up automatically while you are on a family camping.

Tips for selecting solar chargers:

If you planning to buy a solar power charger for your mobile phone, then you have to consider some main variables before buying a solar charger. They are:

1.     Storage capacity:

The battery pack that can store for later use before it requires recharging is known as storage capacity. At first, you have to find out the storage capacity of your device, and then you have to select a power bank with those specifications.

2.     Power output:

Battery voltage that is measured in volts must be lower than 10V. Most of the portable battery chargers charges devices like cell phones, mp3 players etc.

3.     Portable battery:

Battery technology will vary in size, weight and the chemicals used. Nickel Metal batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and lead-acid batteries hold the greatest power capacity with maximum output.

4.     Connector and adapter:

You can buy a power bank with battery included or separately. The connectors help in connecting power bank with your mobile phones and the adapter is used to recharge your power bank in case if you use a solar panel.

5.     Additional features:

Flashlight, weather resistant, waterproof and dustproof are the additional features that you have to look into while buying.

As, all of us enjoy clicking selfies, listening to music, using GPS etc while traveling we need a copious amount of power backup in our mobile phones. If you can save some money then you are ready to buy a solar charger. It will save your money for an extended period of time. Now, let’s have a look at some of the famous solar chargers.

Shop the top selling solar mobile chargers:

1.     Quadrapro solar power charger:

Quadrapro solar charger gives the right amount of power with the right solar cells. It charges the batteries even without sun and also tries to soak up the power with huge power load. It is an ideal solution for power during your trip. You can afford it at the cost of $46.99

2.     Qi Portable charger:

Qi ID-3533 is a committed wireless solar charger with a battery backup up to 10000mAh. More than the power bank it is compatible with all the Qi enabled devices such as iPhones, Samsung phones etc. It is an emergency backup solution and generates friendly reminders with a high conversion rate. It uses a 5V/2A adapter and you can buy it at the cost of $29.99

3.     BEARTwo external solar charger:

This external charger is the smallest and lightest solar charger that is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. It delivers a maximum output of 5V/1.2A with 4 to 5 hours of charging. The built-in LED system is designed for emergency purpose with the SOS system. It is affordable at the price of $25.88

4.     Floureon portable charger:

This charger comes with a low budget of $17.99 and with high efficiency of 10000mAh. Dual charging allows the phone to be charged at one shot. The stronger emergency light present at the top and the LED indicator keeps reminding about the amount of power available.

5.     Y&H solar power charger:

This budget-friendly charger comes with the cost of $10.90 and a battery voltage of 12V/24V. The multi-functional LCD display operates on switched modes and parameters configuration. And also the built-in short-circuit helps in overload protection.

6.     LMS portable charger:

LMS dual charger has two charging options as the name predicts. It has an option for the micro USB cable that can be mounted on the wall while charging. It has a high capacity of 30000mAh battery that can charge your mobile up to 6times. The flashlight and the hook are the add-ons. You can own it at the cost of $22.07

Specific reason behind choosing a solar charger:

Though there are many electric charges available in the market, solar chargers for mobile phones are highly recommended during a long trip or travel. Apart from the electric chargers, solar cells provide low voltage and high current. And the voltage remains constant. It can charge the gadget faster than the electric chargers.

Benefits of solar power banks:

The first and foremost thing you should consider buying a solar power bank is that it converts solar energy directly into electricity. It consumes the solar energy during daylight and allows you to use it on a cloudy or wet day. Here are some of the benefits of solar power banks:

  • Avoids the power source for charging your mobile phone.
  • You can charge your mobile without taking them out in sun.
  • Different specifications are available as per your needs.
  • An external power source is not required while charging.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Reduces global warming and greenhouse effects.
  • Does not require much maintenance.
  • Reduces electricity bill and it is a powerful source of energy.


As every disadvantage can be compensated with multiple advantages, solar power banks also have some disadvantages. They are:

  • The voltage during recharging may vary due to incident rays.
  • They need light to work.

Final words:

If you have read the entire article, then you will be apparently interested in buying this new technology during camping. With a portable solar charger, you can keep yourself fully charged no matter where you are. Just buy the super-lightweight solar chargers and enjoy your vacation.

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