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Rats Temple on Rajasthan Tour Packages 7 Days

Rajasthan offers a variety of things to do if you go on best rajasthan tour packages. Rajasthan is the largest state in India. Rajasthan Tourism is a super hit concept. The Rajasthan government has made wonderful arrangements for all the tourists coming from India for all the parts of the world. It is really a wonderful idea to spend some time in Rajasthan like state. There are many temples on the land of Kings.

Karni Temple in Bikaner

Let’s talk about the Karni temple in Bikaner first of all. Bikaner is called as the desert city of Rajasthan. It is extremely hot over there, but the devotees can’t be stopped by the high or low temperatures due to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. It is all because of the Goddess Durga. There is the idol of Karni Mata. Karni Malta is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The construction of the temple took place in the 20th century.

Built-in Mughal Style of Architecture

The most surprising thing about the Karni Mata temple in Bikaner is that it is built in the Mughal style of architecture. This is a great example of unity in diversity even in ancient times in India. It was even made by a Hindu king. It shows that there was a strong bond between Hindu rulers and Mughal kings. Isn’t that really an amazing thing! There are also other examples that reflect the same bond between Mughals and Hindus.

The Temple of Rats

Believe it or not! It is true that there are 25 thousand black rats in the temple of Karni Mata. The idol of Mata Karni is almost 75cm in height. It is also called as rats Temple. Yes, there are so many rats in the temple. They live there in open. These rats are considered as Holy rats and are called as Kabbas. Many people from different parts of India travel long distances to pay respect to these rights. They don’t only come over here to visit Karni Mata but also to offer prayers to the rats. The international tourists are attracted to the temple because of this particular fact only. They are so curious to know more about the rats. They come over here, see the rats with their own eyes and then come to various conclusions.

The Story Behind the Presence of Rats

It is believed that Lakshman, son of Karni Mata was once drowned in a pond called as the Kapil Sarovar in the Kolayat Tehsil. Laxman went over there to drink water from it. As a result, Karni Mata with her extreme dedication and power of motherhood called upon God Yama, the god of death to revive her son Lakshman. However, God Yama eventually gave the life of Laxman back at the cost of making all the other male children of Karni Mata to be reincarnated as rats. This rajasthan trip for 7 days was really an unbelievable 1 because of this particular fact.

High Honor

It is considered a great honor to eat the food which is never ruled by one of these rats. In general, we do not tend to eat food which is already eaten by rats, but in the Karni Mata temple, people deliberately eat it. Surprisingly, no threats have been reported till date after eating such food.

What if any Rat Passes Away

In case, any of the rats pass away; then the temple authorities make sure that they bring one rat which is made up of solid silver. This is to pacify the feelings of Mata Karni so that she understands that we are highly concerned about her care and feelings towards her children.

Presence of White Rats

There are 25000 black rats and some of them are white rats also. They are very few in number and are considered of special importance. People make a lot of efforts to make them eat some sweet. It is luck by chance if you offer them something and they eat it.

The Architecture of the Temple

The front of the building is made up of marble. There are Silver doors to the temple. There are many other doors while moving into the temple which is made up of silver. You will find different panels which will tell you different stories of the achievements by the Goddess Karni.

Karni Mata fair

There is Karni Mata fair, which is held twice a year in Deshnok. It is a very grand fair. People from many parts of India go to attend the Karni Mata fair. The temple is full of devotees during the fair. There are many religious activities the take place during the fair. Even if you go for rajasthan tour packages 4 days or same day agra tour by car from delhi and there is Karni Mata fair going on, please do visit it.

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