Reasons Why Co-Working is Good for Business

Co-working is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space. The whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide. Basically, it’s the new way to work that gives start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs a different feel and also caters to the modern workforce. If you are someone who’s just starting out and want to save a lot of costs that you will otherwise face when buying your own office, coworking is your safest and affordable option! Tired of going to buy a cup of coffee every hour to a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi? Forced to keep a remote team to save on office costs? Finding an alternative to work from home? Want to give yourself a more working type feel? Well, co-working is your solution to every problem listed here and much more! It’s popularity is on the rise, with freelancers, solopreneurs and start ups consistently choosing co-working spaces over other workspace options.

Recognizing the potential of a co-working space in encouraging and bringing together startups and entrepreneurial minds under one roof , Tier 2 cities like Chandigarh are coming up with more and more co-working spaces.

Here are the 5 top reasons why co-working is good for business:


Co-working doesn’t need much investment at first and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of it. It comes with a reasonable rate by getting a shared space where you can operate your business without needing to work out and allot for building rate, fire insurance, office equipment and various other expenses that come with starting a business. You can find office space in Chandigarh easily and avail it’s services. What’s more? You will have access to the office space which will include all the basic amenities that you will need to run your business like speed Wi-Fi, conference rooms, meeting rooms, call rooms, printing, copying, scanning etc. For starters, office space in Indore is available where you might just want to start your business from. Most co-working spaces also offer amenities, such as: kitchen facilities, hot drinks like tea and coffee and snacks like fruit, bread and biscuits for free, meaning you can save a lot on them too. Finding an office space in Chandigarh is easy as well and you can try your hands there to get yourself one!


A lot of co-working communities offer month-month leases which are not long term and hence saving you a lot of money from your capital. If you have just hired 5 more people and want more space, purchase just enough space for you and your team without any long term lease.


The location is one of the most important things to be considered while choosing yourself a work space. Your clients shouldn’t have a hard time finding you. After all, nobody would like to go through thin lanes with no parking space and that would just be a problem for you. Co-working spaces are generally available at great locations nowadays and you just need to find the right space and you are good to go.


Renting space in a shared office means that that you are surrounded by goal oriented and high achieving entrepreneurs and business people. This means that you are interacting with people from different background and gaining a lot of contact. There are opportunities of you swapping advice, sharing experience and collaborating on projects – ultimately making valuable connections with peers. You can see this as an opportunity to network with small business owners, great thinkers and professional freelancers and other entrepreneurs. Making connection is one of the most important key to growing business. No other work environment facilitates a way to network with like-minded professionals than co-working. A working community usually consists of people who can solve hurdles that may come your way. Who knows, you may just meet your next client there?


Employees are the caffeine to your coffee. Here are the reports of some of the survey held about people who co-work:-

  • 71% people reported a boost in creativity.
  • 74% felt that they are more productive after joining a workspace.
  • 70% felt more healthier and happy working in coworking space.
  • 80% said that they made more connections
  • 38% reported high incomes

Sometimes, the office decor also makes a lot of different to the mindsets of the employees. Coworking space put design and atmosphere at the forefront. With a lot of colors and modern approach towards the decor, co-working space is more stimulating and enjoyable. Check out the office space in Indore and get which perfectly suits your idea of a perfect working space! “All work no play” is a phenomenon that you will never experience when working in a co-working space. Such spaces provide you life balance by providing venues to de-stress and making you feel more energetic than ever. Aside from weekly events, health and wellness activities are regularly held for the employees so that they feel like a part of the company and realize their importance.

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