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Rekey House Door Locks-Why it is better?

Getting trapped outside your house or your car is something that makes everyone highly uncomfortable and stressful. The whole environment becomes aggravating that people are unable to make an effective decision when choosing a competent locksmith.
However, choosing what to do with the stuck lock is another issue. Rekey is one of the options that is mostly recommended when moving to a new house or getting the locks repaired for a car.
Here are some of the reasons why home rekey is a better option:

Getting a New House or a Car:

Out of many circumstances, rekeying is always a better option when it comes to moving to a new house. There are many times that the previous owners, as well as the real estate agent, have the original key duplicated.
Moreover, the keys that are often stamped with “Do not duplicate” are duplicated as well. It makes the locks highly insecure as well as results in the risk of the security. Getting the locks repaired or sticking to the old keys will result in the threat of security.
Moreover, in many cases, the locks have loose bolts, which makes them easier to be broken as well as tempered with. The real estate agents temper with the locks in many cases. In addition, the deadbolts installed are in a poor position, which makes it easier for burglars to break in. Therefore, rekey house door locks is the most recommended option while moving into a house.
Locks of the cars at the dealership are also tempered and their keys have also been duplicated. Replacing the lock is highly costly and sometimes damages the car door as well. Therefore, having it rekeyed will save from the additional charges.

Improving Your Security:

Most of the time, the bolts and locks that are installed are inefficient. They have been tampered with, the keys have been duplicated, there is a single bolt lock installed and many defects. In addition, improving the security is personally the responsibility of the owner.
That is why it is highly essential to rekey house door locks to ensure your satisfaction regarding the security of your house. One of the observations needed is the quality of the locks. Having a double cylinder lock can help avoid break-ins and can improve the security of the lock.
In addition, having rekeyed house locks will ensure that no other person has the duplicate set of the keys to your house, making it comfortable for you and secure as well. It is also better to call professional locksmiths instead of dealing with the lock issues by oneself.
There are multiple home rekey locksmith and companies such as Doctor Locksmith that offer the services of rekeying house door locks professionally and at a cost-effective expense.

Improve your home locks security

Affordable Solution:

One of the reasons home rekey is an effective choice is its affordability. The homes and real estates have competent locks that are installed for better security. However, their keys are mostly duplicated and they are also expensive to be replaced.
Although replacement would allow the residents to become highly secure and mitigate the risk of any unauthorized intervention, it costs around $400-$600 for lock replacements, especially for power doors of the cars.
In comparison, rekey house locks is a cost-effective process ranging from $1-$4 in the process. However, rekeying will not give customize options in case you want to install deadbolts or smart locks for your own security.

Expert Locksmith:

One of the most important elements in the home rekey process is finding an experienced and professional locksmith. Most of the locksmiths that are mentioned on the phonebook are either inexperienced or incapable to rekey house door locks.
Nothing is more uncomfortable than having a locksmith that is incapable of the work and increases the problem instead of minimizing it, adding to the additional charges to your problem. Having an experienced locksmith will allow rekeying house door locks effectively within a budget-friendly expenditure.


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