Remodeling Your RV: How to Gain More Space Inside Your RV

Remodeling Your RV: How to Gain More Space Inside Your RV

September 29, 2022 0 By Swati

Small living quarters are one of the major drawbacks of RV. Everyone who owns one understands how important it is to maximize their space. Even though an RV is far smaller than a regular house, you may make it much more spacious by employing a few easy tips. Choose RV furniture that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences, but also pick items that may serve many purposes, such as providing extra sleeping or storage space. 

General Tips

Want to feel like home in your RV? Learn some tips to make your mobile home cozy.

  • Create multi-use spaces

An excellent method to make the most of the available space in your RV and increase its adaptability is to install convertible, multi-use zones. 

The table may be quickly and simply converted into a bed. Putting up a cozy sleeping space requires nothing more than some detachable cushions and a table that drops to the same level as the seats. If you need to work while on the road, it’s a good idea to equip your RV with a table that can double as a desk. The versatility of foldable tables allows them to serve as an additional dining table, kitchen counter, or desk. 

Plan on adding storage areas wherever possible inside the RV. Items like ottomans and storage benches may serve as seating and extra storage. Even sofas and coffee tables can include hidden storage space. One of the finest hacks for a person who travels in a recreational vehicle is to have products that serve several purposes. To maximize storage space and maintain order, use drawer organizers.

  • Use a walls space 
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Because of the constraints of RV living quarters, it is wise to maximize available vertical space. Any number of things may be hung from the walls of your RV. 

Thin RV walls are easily punctured with screws, leaving you vulnerable to leaks, corrosion, and water damage. It is possible to damage pipes or wires if you drill through only the inner wall and not the outside metal. Don’t do anything that might potentially damage the RV’s walls, such as drilling. 

Instead of drilling holes in the walls of your RV, you may use strips, hooks, and clips of all sizes and shapes as mounting devices. As long as you choose ones to bear the weight you want to put on them, they will adhere effectively to the walls of your RV. In addition, they are not hard to get rid of. 

Space Saving Ideas for RV Zones

Every RV zone needs separate remodeling, so check some helpful tips before changing something in your mobile dwelling.

Bathroom tips

When it comes to maintaining order in a small place like an RV’s bathroom, few things are more frustrating than dealing with constant chaos. To a greater or lesser extent, RV bathrooms are compact and lack extensive cabinetry.

  • Sink-equipped bathroom vanities are a great choice to store hygiene items and household cleaning products. Smaller bathroom necessities like soaps, toilet paper, and hand towels may be kept neat in decorative containers or baskets.
  • Since bathroom supplies are often small, they have a high propensity to get airborne and disperse around the RV during travel. Make use of compact, modular storage units to house your possessions. You may choose a container to fit anything from bobby pins to washcloths to first aid supplies.
  • A portable bidet for an RV toilet can be used in bathrooms with inadequate space for a traditional bidet. Previously, bidets were a standalone accessory, but nowadays, they may be integrated into the seat or attached underneath it with a water line splitter. An RV toilet bidet is a terrific addition because it does not require electricity. A T-adapter for the waterline and some additional plumbing are required to install a bidet seat on an RV toilet.
  • Choose a camper van toilet that fits your demands while you’re out in the wilderness. A gravity flush or portable camping toilet is the best choice for an RV. Consider installing a composting toilet if you’re concerned about the environment and want to lessen your impact on the water supply.
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Kitchen tips

The kitchen and living area of most RVs are in the same room. Miniature versions of regular kitchen appliances are the norm in RVs. RV kitchens benefit greatly from order and organization.

  • Verify that the furniture fits the area properly. It’s important to furnish the room appropriately. Don’t force your belongings to fit inside the closet. The convenience and simplicity of collapsible cookware cannot be overstated. Your limited kitchen space may be put to better use if you have RV and camping-specific appliances.
  • You may take advantage of a pull-out storage option in your dining set, a dining set with a storage bench, a kitchen island, or countertop storage. You can keep your camper’s kitchen utensils and dishes nicely placed with the help of separators, adjustable shelves, and pull-out drawers.
  • Choose a built-in banquette for your kitchen if you need a multipurpose seating option for eating and working. Banquette seating in a recreational vehicle kitchen provides an extra seat and a discrete nook for stowing away kitchen necessities. Banquette seating may serve as either a dining area or a temporary office with the addition of some soft cushions and a small table in the middle.
  • Installing an island might help you better use the available space in your RV kitchen. Preparing meals would be more convenient if the sink were relocated to the kitchen island. If you need extra space to store dishes and other kitchen things, you might expand the island’s storage options.

Bedroom tips

Look for furniture solutions that may double as storage if you’re short on room in your camper. Couches or a bed with built-in drawers are 2 viable alternatives.

  • In an RV, you may make the most of the area under the bed and protect your belongings from dust and prying eyes. The space under a bed is ideal for stowing away personal items. Install ready-made drawers to make this storage area more convenient for storing seasonal garments and other items.

  • Putting your bedroom items in storage cabinets is a great RV organizing tip for maintaining a clutter-free environment. Get the most out of your wall space by mounting these cabinets above and around your bed. The cupboards provide ample space for storing books, periodicals, and other home necessities.
  • If you’re short on a room in your RV, a loft bed is a great option for making the most out of your living quarters. Many compact campers without a separate bedroom loft the bed to better use the available space. Incorporate a ladder or constructed steps.
  • When it comes to temporary housing or extended trips with kids, bunk beds are a fantastic choice. Do not waste the extra room you’ll have under the bunks by not using it for storage. This is a great place for baskets or secret drawers.