Take the Odd One Out: How To Develop New and Better Lifestyle Choices

Take the Odd One Out: How To Develop New and Better Lifestyle Choices

April 17, 2019 0 By Miannak

It is common knowledge that we all tend to have habits and routines, repeat certain activities because we get used to doing them. Unfortunately, we are usually inclined to repeat things that are not that good for us and we become slaves of these bad habits. Needless to say, at one point it just becomes too difficult to do something about it and make a change. We rather choose to procrastinate, wait for another tomorrow, some better days…

Making actual changes is scary, though. It’s what we do despite the fear that defines us. So, start laying the groundwork for making real and consistent changes in your life, don’t just fantasize. Taking things one step at a time will make you feel more comfortable with the new lifestyle, thus easing you into it. Soon enough, you’ll be living your best life without even realizing you made the switch. It’s all about those swift little changes which you have to work at constantly. If you’re not consistent and determined, you’ll only make a temporary change instead of a life-long one.

We make excuses and that is yet another bad habit we should try breaking. Even though it seems like breaking out of bad habits seems like mission impossible, it does not have to be. There are a few things you should do in order to break out of bad habits.

Know yourself

To truly break bad habits and make a change, you have to know who you are and what works best for you. If you decide to tell people you’re on this journey of changing your life, you’re bound to get various pieces of advice from various sources. It worked for them, so why wouldn’t it work for you? Then you’ll go home, think about it, and decide to listen to them. Chances are, though, their advice won’t work for you. This is where most people get discouraged to keep going as they think there’s simply no hope for them. The advice worked for someone else and not you, so there must be something wrong with you, right? Wrong.

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The thing is, when it comes to living a healthy life, everyone is an expert. Because they succeeded, people try to help others do the same. Because they seem like they’ve got it figured out, you listen. Just because they made it one way doesn’t mean the same way will work for you, though. You just see the results of their hard work, not them at their most vulnerable and fragile or how much they struggled to find themselves.

Be aware that what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. By trying different methods and testing out various theories, you’ll eventually click in place. Start by examining yourself and figure out what you like and how you operate. You are your best friend and someone who can give you the best advice, so work with yourself not against.

Stop fantasizing about junk food and pick something healthier

healthy vegetarian meal

Bad eating habits are among the most common ones. It is just easier to order in or just walk to the nearest fast food stand. However, eating junk food instead of fresh fruits and vegetables will slowly impact your health negatively.

If we do not eat nutritious meals, it results in nutrient deficiencies. Fruit and vegetables should on our everyday menu. Junk food will never replace healthy nutrients. A bad habit of not eating well can cause digestive problems, it even increases the risk of cancer and can lead to obesity.

Take wellness and fitness into consideration instead of TV

Physical inactivity is one of the main problems a considerable number of people are facing these days. We spend our entire workday in front of a screen, sitting in conference rooms, making hundreds of phone calls and the list goes on. We became victims of sedentary life and it’s taking its toll on our bodies.

Not being active enough is a very bad habit, definitely an odd one that has to go. If we turn to wellness and fitness instead or turning on the TV while lying on the couch during our spare time, the quality of our life would be much better. We would be more satisfied with ourselves, fulfilled, healthier, more self-confident… Physical activity should be an essential part of our day so make sure to book a Pilates class after work or go cycling with friends in nature.

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Supplement your diet for better performance

woman working out at a gym

The food we eat is our main source of energy. Nutritiously dense meals will certainly increase the levels of strength, stamina and influence our day to day performance. Sometimes nutritious meals won’t give us enough energy, especially if we plan on having a strenuous gym session after work. In such a case, we should have a proper meal before working out and provide our body with a source of energy after a workout. In order to thrust some good stuff into your muscles to boost the growth and recovery process, try using creatine protein as your post-workout supplement. It will definitely increase strength levels, muscle mass and help the muscles recover more quickly.

It is time to ditch cigarettes and alcohol

Not all of us smoke and drink alcohol, yet the ones who do should really think twice about it. Both smoking and drinking are one of the worst habits and something people should really avoid. These two are often combined together and they are definitely two habits you should break free from. Once you stop smoking and stop drinking, you’ll feel better, have more strength, will no longer feel sluggish and tired.

Pay more attention to how much you sleep

Going out and doing things until late at night can be fun, but when we do it too often it deprives our body of much-needed energy. Sleep deprivation is a serious health issue and it should not be taken lightly. Night owls may feel like staying up all night rather than having a good night’s sleep, but it endangers their health.

Bad sleeping habits should be replaced with a proper bedtime routine. Better sleep will result in better physical health and emotional well-being, less stress and more joy in life.

Take the stress out of the lifestyle equation

woman working in front of a laptop feeling angry

Negative thoughts often happen due to unexpected things that happen in life. They lead to the general feeling of unhappiness and increase the amount of stress.

Whenever it happens, we should determine the cause of unsatisfaction and try our best to remove the stressor or resolve the stressful situation. We cannot really lead a lifestyle without ever feeling stressed, this is impossible. Yet, we can choose how we react and deal with stress. Avoid everything that could be the reason for stress. Change how you react to things and try your best to adapt your response to stress. If you don’t let things stress you, you’ll break out of this bad habit for good.

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Seize the day and enjoy moments to the fullest

We work so hard and often get obsessed with things that worry us. Consequently, we often forget to just enjoy every moment we have. So, the habit of not being in the moment is definitely the odd one.

We should have more enjoyable moments and in order to do that, try putting yourself first. We should do at least one thing that makes us feel joy and do that every day.

If you are creative, try painting a picture. Call your friends and go on a hike. Join a book club and give yourself a chance to meet many interesting people. Just enjoy that sip of hot cocoa, that feeling when water is touching your skin, anything. Life is full of precious moments we tend to miss out because we do not pay enough attention.

Stop making resolutions

Making resolutions has become a standard within our culture. Whether it’s starting Next Year, next Monday, or tomorrow, you keep promising you’ll get your life in order. At that moment, you actually mean it and you feel inspired to make a change. Then, you don’t follow through. Why? Well, it’s simple. Resolutions aren’t real. They allow you to enter the world of hypothetical where you’ve got your life in order and are perfectly healthy. Living in this comfortable illusion is often more convenient and safe than actually making a change.

A good practice to keep you going on this journey is to remember how you felt before and after you broke a bad habit. Reminding yourself how much happier, healthier, and more energized you are now is bound to keep you on the road to a truly healthy life. That feeling is much better and lasts much longer than a resolution.

Repeated actions lead to forming habits. However, not all habits are considered as healthy habits or good habits. Due to the fact that bad habits affect the quality of our life, we should learn how to break out of bad habits and instead of bad habits, develop new and better lifestyle choices.  Take the odd ones out and increase the quality of your life for the better.

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