Gastroenterologist in hyderabad

The Best Gastroenterologist in Hyderabad with Great Specializations

Importance of Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologist is the doctor in medical science who has a great specialization in issues related to the digestive system. They also have an expertise in dealing with the matter pertaining to the digestive tract. They basically need to have a certification pertaining to the internal medicine in order to deal with something as delicate as gastroenterology. If there are some issues in your stomach then you have to perform procedures like endoscopy in order to know exactly what is wrong with your stomach and what is causing you all the trouble. Thus, the gastroenterologists have a good degree and are specifically trained to perform the procedures like endoscopy and further to know the treatment and cure for the same.

The study of gastroenterology pertains to the study of the functioning and the diseases that develops in the esophagus, stomach or the small intestine region of the body. It includes a top to bottom comprehension of assimilation, supplement retention, gastrointestinal motility, and the capacity of the liver in processing.

Symptoms for the trouble in the Digestive tract or stomach

Normally if you see, people are referred to a gastroenterologist if they come across any kind of abnormalities in the digestive tract or the stomach. Some of the symptoms that would make them refer to a gastroenterologists are as following

  •   If you find that there is something abnormal stool colour, then there is something wrong with the digestive tract and you must visit a doctor.
  •   Also, if there is persistent and continuous chronic constipation or diarrhoea, then the digestive tract is not working in a proper manner. Thus, it is advisable that one should visit the doctor immediately if they come across symptoms like this.
  •   If you come across symptoms like difficulty in swallowing or if you there is excessive bloating or gas in your stomach then there is definitely something wrong with the stomach and one must visit the doctor as soon as possible without any delay.
  •   Further, if you experience symptoms like loss of appetite or if you are malnourished then the best way to evade such a situation is to refer to a doctor who holds an expertise in this. The stomach doctor can definitely help you out.
  •   Sometimes sudden change in the blood habit or sudden weight loss is not a good tendency and due to this, you might experience weakness in your body or you might even experience some sort of burning sensation within the body.
  •   Those who suffer from any stomach problem and if it remains for a long time and then later they develop something like jaundice, then it is strictly advisable not to treat it as any simple disease but to immediately refer to a doctor.

Best Gastroenterologists in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the most emerging cities in the country and with the medical and technological advancement, it has got the best gastroenterologists. Some of the most reliable and best gastroenterologists in Hyderabad and they are as following

  • Dr. Surendar Reddy Baradhi– He is one of the renowned gastroenterologists in Hyderabad and has an experience of over 18 years. He works as a gastroenterologist in Beat Super Speciality Clinic and is considered to be one of the most humble and soft spoken doctors among all other gastroenterologist.
  • Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor– He is one of the most renowned gastroenterologist and one of the oldest one with an experience of over 28 years. He is consulted by almost all the people because of his experience and he is known for his brilliant acumen in the field of gastroenterology. He also has expertise in dealing with endoscopic procedures.
  • Dr. B Prabhakar– He also has an experience of over 24 years and is a practitioner at the Apollo Hospital. He is one of the most renowned doctors as far as gastroenterology is concerned. If you are planning on visiting him. Do visit him!

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