The Link Between Advertising And Public Relations: Do You Know How They Look Like?

If you are a creative and communicative person who likes to establish relationships with people, in addition to the commercial part, you can join advertising courses in India. Advertising and public relations can be your ideal for the future. More or less, advertising is more focused on the sales strategy, public relations (PR) tend to convey more confidence because apparently they revolve around users, have a social objective of strengthening the link with their audience that leads economic consequences.

However, there are more points that bring them closer than those that separate them, and that is that both forms of communication aim to promote a product or service. Both professions involve a deep knowledge of the market: consumption behaviors, user profiles, trends.

And both, advertising public and relations marketing, are closely linked to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology when dealing with audiences, studying issues such as community building, group dynamics methods, motivations, etc.

Main Differences between Advertising and Public Relations

Team working in advertising and public relations two concepts are often confused because advertising is usually used as a vehicle of that these communications within public relations, while the latter usually support advertising campaigns.

In addition, they are not usually directed to the same type of audience. Normally, advertising has external audiences, such as consumers themselves. On the other hand, public relations are aimed at more specific audiences such as shareholders, suppliers, opinion leaders, the media … as well as the company’s own employees.

Advertising: A Form of Commercial Communication

The advertising part of is considered marketing, but has such a scope that is difficult to define this concept. However, Kotler and Armstrong, in Fundamentals of Marketing, define it as “any paid form of presentation and non-personal promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”. The American Marketing Association was shorter by defining it as “the art of saying and selling.”

There are many types of advertising and innumerable ways to classify it. It is also interesting to distinguish between offline and online advertising. The first is traditional (press, radio, TV, posters …), which does not use digitalization. Contrary to the second (email marketing, social networks, search engine ads.

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