Things to Keep in Mind While Decorating the Interior Walls of the House

Decorating the house is an exciting task. It offers you an opportunity to add personal touches to the property and keep its look up-to-date. While decorating people are often focused on getting the right furniture and accessories and forget about walls. Walls are an integral part of every room and they play a significant role in setting the tone of the rooms.

Most people think that the only way to decorate the walls is to paint it but there are a lot of other options available. Here are a few things to remember while decorating the interior walls of the house.

Planning the layout:

The décor of the wall should balance the overall look of the room otherwise it will have the wrong impact on the look of the place. Make sure whatever item you choose to decorate the wall you have to see that it balances the look either symmetrically and asymmetrically. Plan the layout so that the wall décor does not take over the room or become insignificant.

The best way to know the exact look the décor items will give you should put all the pieces on the floor in the exact layout so you know if the layout is right. Take the size, color, theme, and subject into consideration.

Consider the height:

The height of the wall décor is an important consideration because you do not want the wall to look overcrowded. Make sure that you choose an art piece that is not too big and it manages to leave white space. It will make sure that the walls look balanced.

The photos or the art that you decide to hang on the wall should not be too tall because it will negatively impact the proportion of the room.

Wall to art ratio:

Working with bare walls can be pretty intimidating as it is an empty canvas. You can find wall art in a lot of different sizes and if you are having difficulty in choosing the art that is best for you, think about the wall to art ratio. There is a scientific method for figuring out the best-suited wall to art ratio for the room.

The easiest and simplest way to figure out the right wall to art ratio is to measure the width of the wall and multiply it by 0.57. It will give the perfect width of the artwork or pictures. If you are planning on putting more than one piece then you need to treat them as single pieces. Moroccan wall tiles UK are an excellent choice but you do not want to clutter the wall with them. When you have the ratio you can create a beautiful design using the tiles so they look gorgeous and they are affordable.

These are just the basic rules to remember while decorating the walls so that you are able to invest money on the décor items that are effective in creating a balanced look. Choose the wall décor that adds a personal touch to the interior décor and creates a gorgeous ambiance.

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