Things to Know Before Applying for A Job Online in Bangladesh

Things to Know Before Applying for A Job Online in Bangladesh

May 29, 2019 0 By Pioneer DZ

In this era of internet and technology, we feel more comfortable doing things online rather than offline. Same situation applies in terms of job applications. Previously companies used to encourage applicants for dropping their hard copy resumes at a given time period for applying but at present as most of the companies are looking for reducing paper documents and focusing more on the soft copies. As a result, the online application procedure is on trend. Employers can also easily generate a large pool of applicants by posting job circulars online on company’s own website, official Facebook page, and job sites or on the job vacancy groups located on Facebook. The most popular online job search platforms are – BikroyJOBS,  BD jobs,,,, Prothom Alo Jobs, LinkedIn.  In BikroyJOBS you can find jobs in Bangladesh posted from authentic sources.

Applying for jobs online has many advantages. You can send hundreds of resumes of yours only sitting in front of your computer. No resume printing cost as well as transportation cost for visiting the company in person which also saves a big amount of time. The application processes are also free of cost. If your skills and knowledge match with the mentioned Knowledge, Skills and attitude in the circular then you just have click on the apply button or send your resume over email.

But as every advantage comes with a disadvantage and this case also not a different one. While applying for jobs online saves time and money but there are issues with security. As the applicant can only see the job circular posted by an employer he or she might not be able to know whether the job advertisement is an authentic or fraud one. In some cases, the applicants are asked to provide confidential information before applying for the job which might result in something harmful in the future.

To keep yourself safe from these fraudulent employers and company we have discussed some important issues which might help you to apply for jobs online without compromising with your personal safety.  Also have a look on the what are the best high paying jobs in Bangladesh?

1. Read the policy agreement before clicking the Agree button

The most common thing among all of us is we always click on the “Agree” button without reading the full policy agreement. Majority of the policy agreements are mostly same and that is why people tend to ignore reading it. And the fraudulent companies take advantage of this. They add some policies regarding collecting this or that data from your account or ask for permitting access to different information from your device. By agreeing with the terms and conditions without knowing it you are giving them opportunities to harm you. Sometimes your device might get affected by different viruses, malware and destroy you important files and documents.

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So to keep yourself safe and sound from any type of cyber fraudulent always read the terms and conditions before pressing the agree button. If you don’t understand the meaning of any word mentioned in there check it in Google or ask opinion from a friend or an expert.  

2. Identifying whether the webpage is encrypted or not

Before applying for any job online, make sure the web page is encrypted which refers to a secured web page from which there is no probability of information getting read, stolen or changed by the hackers which might become harmful for anyone. The webpages which use the “https” protocol is recognized to be safe for use. On the other hand, webpages using the “http” protocol is considered to be not encrypted and unsafe for use. Pages which are unencrypted are also a source of virus and malware which might affect your device and ruin your files in no time.

Legal and authentic companies always use encrypted web pages whereas illegal or fraud companies use unencrypted webpage so that they can collect information and use them for harmful purpose.

3. Rethink before providing personal information

Sometimes the job circulars are provided in a link format and the employer asks the applicants to click on the link for applying for the job and after clicking the link, you come across a form where there are many sections which you have to fill up by providing your personal information.

If they only ask for your name, about your previous and recent degrees, your educational institute, your CGPA, year of passing then it’s alright. But if they ask for your bank account, passwords or some sort of cash money as pre-requirement for applying for the job then you need to do some research on that company. Majority of the legal companies never asks for any type of confidential information from the applicants rather they look for the general information which can be provided to anyone and will not cause any harm to anybody. So if you find any company or employer asking for confidential information there is higher probability of fraudulent.

Besides, at present there are many job vacancy groups on Facebook where you can post your queries regarding any organization and also regarding the job application process of it. There easily you can get some idea whether it will be safe for you to provide the personal information or you should refrain yourself from sharing. LinkedIn is also another effective source for checking the authenticity of an employer.

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4. Checking the company website/Facebook page

Whenever you come across any job circular provided online firstly you should check whether the company has an authentic website or not. Now-a-days every small and large company has their own websites or at least a Facebook page. If you cannot find any specific website or Facebook page of that particular company chances of being fraud might be high of that company.

Second reason for checking the company website before applying for the job is you can get a brief idea about the organization. Every organization has their own set of values, culture and mission, vision, goals to achieve. And these are mentioned in the website to give others some idea regarding the organization and the people working in it. By going through this information you can decide whether your ethics and plan matches with that organization or not. If things matches than you can apply without any doubt or second thought and if nothing matches then you free to not applying for the job.

Lastly, by going through the website or Facebook page of an organization you can the recent update on the different activities of the organization. For example, did the company receive any award recently? Or did the company launch any new product in the market? Knowing these little details about the company can make the interviewer very pleased with you during the interview as every interviewer is eager to know what and how much an applicant knows about the company. It also shows that you are interested to work with this company.

5. Asking for company reviews

At this era of digitalization, we all are connected together. Maybe we are not acquainted with everyone in real life but virtually we are linked together. That is why, after finding a job circular online before applying for it, try to do some research on the company by asking others. It is not necessary that you personally have to know a person who has applied in that company before or currently is a job holder there.

There are many online platforms and Facebook vacancy groups and pages where you can post your queries regarding a specific job position or a company and also seek for help or suggestions. Glassdoor is a popular online platform where you can find variety of information regarding any particular company’s jobs, salary structure, and company work culture/values.

6. Going through the circular again and again

Applying beforehand for a job it is a must that you should read the job circular at least three times. The reason behind this is while reading the circular for the first time you might miss or overlook some crucial points.

The essential points to focus in a circular are the job description, requirement for Knowledge, skills and attitude for doing the job, job location, working hours, compensation and benefit and last but not least how you should apply for the job.

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While going through the job advertisement, look carefully over the application procedure. Sometimes the employer wants the applicants to send their resume over email, other times they ask for a cover letter accompanied with the resume. Again in some cases, they provide a link which is linked with a Google form where you have to fill out some options.

Whenever you are applying for a job over email try to write a clear subject heading so that the receiver can easily sort your mail. In most cases, the subject heading is mentioned by the employer for the convenience of the applicants. Whenever you are required to apply through a website or link make sure they are encrypted web pages so that you do not have to compromise your as well as your device’s security.  

7. Not entering into any type of monetary transactions

One of the most important issues regarding applying for a job online is, not getting involved in any type of monetary transactions with the employer or the company. Often it is seen that, fraudulent companies or employers ask the candidate to provide money as safety deposit before or for applying for the job. This is a common way to set a trap for the innocent candidates in order to earn some money illegally. Most of the legal and genuine companies and also employers never ask for depositing or providing any amount of money from the applicant before employing him.  Some companies have practices of taking money from their employees as a safety deposit but in such cases conditions are applied. So, an employer asking for money is an easy sign of identifying a fraud employer.

The amount asked by a fraudulent employer or company is not the same all the time. It actually varies from employer to employer.  Usually the range starts from twenty thousand taka and can rise up to any amount upward. The consequences of these transactions are not good. Once the fraud employer receives the money they cut off all the ways of communication with the applicant which leaves the applicant into a miserable situation.

Therefore, from now on, whenever you are applying for a job online, for your own well-being and safety, refrain yourselves from entering into any type of monetary transactions. In case, you accidentally fall into such type of a situation, do not hesitate to take the help of the police. 

To know more regarding this check Types of Information You Should Seek Before Applying for a Job.

You must be worried thinking about facing the fraudulent probabilities out there while applying for jobs online but just with a little bit of cautiousness, you can always keep yourself safe from any type of security issues. Lastly, we would be happy if you can share your opinion or experience or any other important point that we missed in the article with us!

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