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Tips For Buying The Best Chain Conveyor

Are you looking for an efficient system to move goods automatically through the production line process? Why don’t you use a chain conveyor to do that? There are various kinds of conveyor systems and the popular one is the automated chain conveyor. A conveyor system is that device which moves materials from one region to another thereby reducing the manual labor load. It is used in almost every industry for the multiple benefits offered by a chain conveyor.

Some popular industries which use chain conveyor are food and beverage, airport and the other manufacturing sectors such as pharma, automobile parts, metals etc. The conveyor system facilitates excellent transportation, and this is the primary advantage of why industries use it. Before buying the conveyor system, you must carefully understand your requirement.

What sort of products you want to move to?

  • Before purchasing a conveyor system, you must carefully examine the size, shape of the product along with the total load of the product which you want to move. The dimension of the product: Note down the length, the breadth and the height of the product as this has a great impact on the load calculation. You must know the load of the product which the conveyor systems will carry at a time. It is also important to consider the volume and the total weight of the goods to be transported.
  • What are the throughput and the number of goods to be fed into the conveyor system? You got to consider throughput and then determine the horsepower, the betting option, and the gear ratio.

Answering these questions will help you in selecting the chain conveyor which best suits your needs.

What kind of environment does your industry or place has?

Where you will use the chain conveyor also matters to a great extent. It is the environment which actually dictates the construction of the conveyor system, the frame of the system, the motors and the belts of the conveyor system. The temperature of the surrounding, the prevailing conditions must also be considered.

On and off transfer options

Some conveyor systems come with their own conveyor systems while others you have to install on your own. Sleeves, metal detectors, and cappers come with their own conveyors. You must know the details of all the popular conveyors in the market and then select the suitable conveyor.

The kind of control you require

One of the basic features of chain conveyor is the on and off feature. Other features to look for in the chain conveyor system are:

  • The VFD feature to increase or reduce the speed of the system
  • PLC control allows the systems to communicate when there are multiple conveyors. The system can communicate among them when the feature PLC is there.
  • Extra E-Stops allow the conveyor to stop functioning when you want.
Chain Conveyor System

Overall Conveyor Efficiency

OEE is Overall Equipment Efficiency and is the reading which determines the efficiency of the unit. It can state how much time it takes to produce or move the product.

What sort of technical support is there?

If you don’t have a preventative program in place, then it is necessary to look for strong technical support. With good technical support, the conveyor system runs well and helps to save money on product maintenance.

What is the utility demand?

It is also important to consider the power needs of the conveyor system. What sort of power arrangement is there in the area where the conveyor system will be used? Choose a unit which is energy efficient. Chain conveyors require power like 120 or 220 single phase, 230 or 480 three phases.

Your goal should be choosing a balanced line for efficient product transportation. A chain conveyor can be expensive and so you need to do your research properly and then look for an affordable chain conveyor system. Additionally, you may look for a system that involves several conveyors.

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