Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

February 14, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Everything revolves around money in some emotional state. Yes, we do say I can survive without money or maybe with a limited amount of money. But somewhere within us, we do have that feeling if I get a little bit of money extra than what I currently have. Maybe I can give a better life to my loved ones. And this starts from a very young age when we are in school we put that effort to come out at least with the past Mark so that we can take a course which really attracts us and this causes take it in order to get a job which is related to that and this job is taken because it basis. Well so at last. Right from the day, we joined the school till the time we get a job we’re actually moving towards the same track of making money. So today I’m going to speak about 10 highest paying jobs in India. Maybe you can select one for you here by watching maybe due to the debt.

01. Law Professional

If you’re a person with good guts maybe you can face situations because we have seen scenarios and movies and yes. Personally I have not been to a court but then. Yes, you have to face many situations in a court. And if you have love towards law go ahead and do it. And good communication skills is a must because you have to convince people and yes if you get up times to do a law in a village reputed college go ahead and do that because the package is what I get paid when someone does it from a vendor putrid college is much higher than a person who does their little being a normal college.

02. Doctors

Right after God. One person who can save us when we are physically not well or maybe mentally not complete when there is some issue with the health. The first hope we have is doctors. Doctor please save me Doctor please help me. So they are in such a prestigious position I would say such a respectful position. And of course they very have to be very responsible when they’re picking up a job as a doctor because they can skip any chapters you know they can tell us you know this disease is not in the chapter maybe I missed the chapter they can do all that they have to sit and understand learn everything finished dead in Beebe is do a bridge if they have to do that today to become a surgeon study this study for a very long time

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But then when they sit there as a doctor they are given the biggest respect I would say and of course a good amount of sanity. And the other reason why they want us to become a doctor is the salary but because yes they get paid very well.

03. Management Professionals

So the next we have is management professionals like the royals in the business which the people are taking in maybe marketing and finance and headshot operations logistics. You need an MBA for this. Once the MBA is done yes you get a good amount of money bait and that’s a fresh show you would actually feel. Yes, I am getting a good amount of it.

04. Management Consultants

And then you have the management consultants who were hired by the companies in order to solve the issues a challenge is what they get there and you can actually become a specialist in a particular domain. And if you’re applying to become a consultant make sure you develop some diverse skills because that is what they are looking out for now. An MBA is not the only degree that can get you here a number of degrees at it. Of course, you can go ahead and search on the same and good amount of packages given to you once you step out. You can go ahead and do it and these two things that I don’t do.

Mostly you would get to campus recruitment aspects or if you just crack it right after your college maybe a week or two vacations then you will have and then jump onto your job and get your own money in hand.

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05. Chartered Accountants

Then you have our chartered accountants if you are a person with good accounting skills. Now we have so many companies coming up and they actually need to see and you clearly are seeing the first item to the package you are going to get is going to be very high. But that’s fine even if you clear it in a second or third and you get a really good amount of package and still you can say yes I am a CEO and I get a good amount of pay. So your accounting skills are good.

06. Investment Bankers

The career of an investment banker generally follows a standard, but that five Levit, including analyst, associate vice president, director and managing director salaries for different levels looks something like 5 to 9 lakhs per annum for endless 7.30 lakhs per annum for the associate and 10 to 40 lakhs per annum for vice president. The popular employees at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Global Financial Service Ltd., and HSBC told Business Analytics a good analyst should be well-versed in mathematical concepts, primarily statistics, and probability open to learning new technology platform through which they usually Rakel to get the idea across and be knowledgeable enough to fill the gaps in understanding through an acute business sense for chartered accountant jobs.

07. Software Engineering Jobs 

Yes, you may think that being a software engineer, it’s not so satisfying these days as salary don’t grow fast, but make no mistakes that Indian companies are now moving towards product development and professional settings at the top and possessing sound knowledge are getting much more beat. Software jobs will mean among the highest paying jobs in India for many more years. The average salary for a software engineer for entry-level is three like 50000 rupees for a mid-career to eat, like 30000 rupees for an experienced professional.

08. Company Security

So this is something which we all know and we actually have a specialized course fortitude you can undertake and become expertise on the scene and the package you get is at least a minimum of 40000 to 50000 rupees depending on the companies which you go and the places where you actually crack the interview. But then being a fresh shot is actually a very good job.

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If you are a computer person you like coding and other things what they do with the system you have a number of companies and businesses coming up startups coming up who are looking out for local talent in India and the amount of package you get. If you have two years of experience trust me, minimum amount of 70 to 80 thousand rupees will be getting in your hand which is actually a very huge amount.

09. Civil Services

So the last one is civil services which are the oldest entrance exam started by the British and it became one of the highest paying jobs right after the seventh pay commission.

And it is very prestigious because people look up to you when you’re actually in civil services and of course you will get a very nice accommodation in an exotic place and a good amount of package in your hand.

10. Debt Marketing

The debt marketing can be considered as a low paying job, but if you have learned this ad, then nothing can be lucrative as this one. An executive who has in-depth knowledge of marketing can be the next CEO of the same company. Every talent for marketing careers entry level starts with one leg fifty thousand for mid-career it’s 5 lakh, and for the experience, it is 10 lakh and above as well on an average. More than 500 jobs on a daily basis. So yes it is one of the best jobs I would say.

End Talks

So these are one among the few which have informed you about like the highest paid jobs in India but there are a number of opportunities for you can, of course, go in self but. And remember one thing. Nothing comes for free no lunches so free. So these are the jobs which pay you very well but be ready to put their food for the same. So whatever it might be put your heart and soul and work for it, of course, you will dish that out.