Top 7 Admission Writing Tips for Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Top 7 Admission Writing Tips for Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

June 3, 2019 0 By hollie.carroll1973

Your admission essay for nursing will be one of the most challenging essays you have to write, but it could also be exciting. Taking a journey through your life while writing it can give you a sense of pride. Looking at all of your achievements through the years in your nurse practitioner personal statement should be a celebration. With that being said, there are rules that still need to be followed. These tips will help you write a winning personal statement to get you the results you want.

  1. Plan

This essay is important and you should look at it as if it was an important project. Planning and brainstorming is an essential part of any project. The same should apply for this admission. Leave the funny nurse jokes for a later stage. This will help you think before you put pen to paper.

  1. Time management

It may seem easy to write about your own life because not much research is required. This is very far from the truth. You still need to allocate a lot of time to this process. Also, cater for moments when things go wrong. You don’t want this kind of issues to ruin your chances of handing in your application on time.

  1. Speak to others

If you know anyone who has done this essay successfully before, get some tips. This is a great way to learn and to eliminate some mistakes you were likely to make. We are all human and mistakes are not always avoidable, but you need to give yourself the best chance possible. One way of doing that is by speaking to those who have been through the process before.

  1. Love for people

In this industry, you need to have a passion for people. This could be referring to your patients, their family or your colleagues. Show that you are someone who loves to work with people. It is an important part of working as a care nurse practitioner. The reader of this essay does not know you, so it is important to take this opportunity to cover all basis.

  1. Goals

Talk about some of the goals you have. This can be career goals or personal goals. The idea here is to show that you are more than just a student or a future employee. Show that you have some drive and that this career path fits perfectly into your future plans. It may seem as if the reader would naturally assume this to be the case, but it is safer to mention it outright.

  1. Edit later

Always write your first draft and when you are done, continue to edit. This is just tip writers use to let the creative side flow before the technical side takes over. If you stop to edit all the time, you lose that flow and may become lost in fixing all of the little mistakes.

  1. Focus on the school

In order for you to win the reader over, you have to say why you chose this school. It does not have to take up the majority of your personal statement nursing, but it is a good idea to mention it. You are simply explaining why you chose this particular school and course over another. It shows that you have given it a lot of thought and that this was not just a blind decision.

Final thoughts on admission writing tips for Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

We all have our own unique writing style and voice. This is actually a plus. You need to let that come through in your writing, instead of trying to change it into something more serious. Always keep the personal statement professional, but you also want it to be conversational. There is no reason to sound stern. You want to engage the reader and you can do that by writing the way you speak.

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