Using Music to Cope with Faith and Doubt

Using Music to Cope with Faith and Doubt

During times of trouble and doubt, faith can be the rock we need to get us through. But faith is felt, expressed, and even made manifest in many forms. Though we all have our own unique and private ways of expressing our faith, one of the most common means across cultures and around the world is through music.

When undergoing personal doubt, trauma, grief, or fear, don’t hesitate to sing out. It’s one of the most common and natural ways to call upon God and feel your faith strengthened in times of trouble.

What Music Teaches Us About Life

In many ways, music is a mirror for our experiences in life. Music has a lot to teach us. When we listen to a favorite song, we often feel something deep and emotional without even needing words. Although some music does contain lyrics, instrumental music can be just as stirring.

So it is with life. Words are nice, and the things we say are a useful tool when it comes to the composition of our life as a whole. But actions go far deeper than mere words ever could. We know who our truest friends are, not because they tell us, but by the fact that they’re always there for us. We recognize God’s presence in our life, not because He declares Himself, but because we see His work all around us.

Spiritual Healing

Another thing music demonstrates that holds true in life is that familiarity is comforting. In music, we look for repetition and theme, feeling more at ease when we recognize them. At some point in your life, you have probably heard a song that just sounded wrong to you, for some reason you may not have been able to explain at the time. There are rules to music, and when it plays by the rules, it sounds the way we expect it to.

Familiarity is, of course, important in life as well, which is why we surround ourselves with family and friends in times of need. This is a wise thing to do. Spiritual healing calls for us to balance care for our minds and spirits with care for our bodies, ensuring that we are healthy all the way through. And an important facet of caring for your spirit is creating balanced, loving relationships that work in harmony, just like a song.

Songs for Healing and Hope

Whatever you may have been through, Music for the Soul has a song for you. Their music is lyrically tailored to whatever needs you may have, reminding you that you are not alone in your struggle and that, in fact, many people in this great big world are fighting the same fight you are. Everyone faces pain. Everyone goes through hard times. But God is with you, and you are not alone.

Talk as a family about who you might reach out to if you needed someone to confide in. Share in music. Sing together. Remember you are loved.

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