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What’s my size?

Do you know a person walks 2-3 miles per day on an average? That’s more than 3000steps every day. Don’t you think that we owe a lot more care and attention to our feet than we actually give? Since our feet support the heavy load we stress upon them daily, finding the right pair of shoes becomes an obligation. The right pair of shoes can make your daily walking a hassle-free experience whereas the wrong ones can totally have you walking on the plank. Listed below are a few essential factors for finding the perfect jogging shoes for women.

What’s your shape?

In order to find a good fit, knowing the shape of your foot is very important. Here’s a simple test you need to do:

  • Take a piece of paper
  • Place your foot and trace the outline of your foot on the paper

Finding the fit:

Bring the paper to the shoe store and place a shoe over the outline to see if the two completely overlap each other.  The shoe should cover the entire outline. Once you have found a pair that satisfies the aforementioned criteria then try them on. Walk around and see if the shoe is comfortable enough. Be sure that the shoes don’t pinch or rub, causing discomfort. If the shoes feel good, then you are good to go.

Since we have reached this new era of technology, you could easily order a pair of ladies sandal online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Online sites even offer the option of ‘try and buy’ these days where the customer can try the product and can purchase it at the time of the delivery.

Finding the right one:

Good shoes are a rarity to find. The perfect combination of style and comfort make anyone feel as if they are ready to rule the world. You can search the internet for a variety of footwear and can find anything to be it, jogging shoes for women or ladies sandals online.

The right shoe will provide you comfort and support. Look for a shoe that is created out of a breathable fabric and lining.

Features of a good shoe:

  1. Laces for support. If you don’t like laces than try Velcro fasteners or buckles
  2. An arch shape supporting your foot
  3. The front of the shoe must have an inch of space in front of your longest toe
  4. A stiff back of the shoe to keep your foot from sliding
  5. A smooth lining free of rough seams

Some handy shoe shopping tips:

  1. Shop late in the day when your feet is slightly bigger than usual
  2. Have both of your feet measured each time you go for shoe shopping
  3. Try on both the shoes. If your feet are of different sizes then pick a pair that fits the foot that is larger
  4. Don’t buy shoes based on shoe size solely. Different brands have different sizing parameters.
  5. If the shoe doesn’t fit in the first trial, don’t buy it.

If you are a person that is a fitness freak, then try to look for shoes that are air light, sturdy and breathable. Sports sneakers or jogging shoes for women are always the safest options for the play!

Some foot problems may even cause deformities. Look for footwear made of soft leather that stretches over the deformity. If you have bunions, buy shoes with a wider toe box. To fit hammertoes, look for shoes with a tall toe box. You may need inserts if you have arch problems. In some cases, you may need custom footwear or those for your feet.

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