Yoghurts Do Not Make It Better - 4 More Unexpected Facts About These And Other Fermented Milk Products

Yoghurts Do Not Make It Better – 4 More Unexpected Facts About These And Other Fermented Milk Products

We are used to thinking that dairy products are undoubtedly healthy. However, tireless scientists continue to find out new facts about yogurt.

Let us start with the history. Famous Russian scientist, Nobel laureate Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov for the first time in the scientific world recognized the value of milk foods. His idea was that basically all the dynamics of diseases progression and aging are due to internal intoxication and “the availability of a great number of milk microbes inevitably must interfere with the proliferation of putrefactive organisms,” said Mechnikov. Therefore, he recommended improving the health and prolonging life “to introduce kefir into the diet, and even better sour milk.”

His conclusions were confirmed not only by theoretical findings but also by observing people who consumed dairy products daily. Mechnikov noted that among them, there are many centenarians. Besides, statistics have shown that the management of various diseases using some milk foods is way more successful. The most useful Mechnikov called Bulgarian milk to stick isolated from yogurt. Speaking of whom, IlyaIlyich himself drank soured milk with this stick for more than 15 years, and he believed that it was thanks to him that he maintained good shape and work until the end of his days.

Nevertheless, modern scientists are ready to argue with the Russian notability.

1. Neither bad nor good.

For 3.5 years, Spanish scientists monitored the health of 4,500 participants in the experiment, half of whom ate yogurts six days a week, while others did not. When the experiment just started, scientists measured physiological parameters of subjects, and with time, received results were compared, and frequent consumption of yogurt found has no impact positive or negative at the body. Instead, scientists noted that the condition of people who ate yogurts is no different from those who follow the Mediterranean diet, do not smoke, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is proved that yogurts are useless on an empty stomach because beneficial bacteria often do not survive in the aggressive environment of the stomach. However, if you eat them one and a half to two hours after breakfast, then beneficial sour-milk bacteria enter the intestines and improve its function. Of course, to argue that immunity will only improve because of yogurts is impossible – more than a hundred different factors influence it. However, the excellent condition of the digestion is an essential component of our health and besides; the structures of the cell walls of yogurt bacteria have an immunomodulation effect, stimulating the production of antiviral interferon. Therefore,it is impossible to talk of the futility of yogurts.

2. Improves mood.

However, scientists from the Netherlands (Leiden University) proved that probiotics from “live” yogurts mitigate the risk of depression and are helpful in overcoming the spleen. Microorganisms in the milk foods can indirectly affect the mechanisms that change the mood. It is difficult to say how accurate this study is, because only 40 volunteers took part in it, half of whom drank yogurt and the other did not. Nevertheless, the subjects from the first group had a more relaxed emotional background: less negative thoughts and a more even mood.

Yoghurts Do Not Make It Better - 4 More Unexpected Facts About These And Other Fermented Milk Products

3. The healthy stuff – for a short time.

As is the case with fruit and vegetables, the mostuseful yogurt is produced in local factories. Nutritionists tirelessly repeating that the healthiestfoods are with a shortdate of expiry. If to speak about yogurt, it is a maximum of 7 days at temperatures from 5 to 7 degrees. It is these yogurts that are “living,” that is, in which there are many useful lactobacilli. The longer the date of expiry, the less benefit and more preservatives in yogurts.

Yoghurts Do Not Make It Better - 4 More Unexpected Facts About These And Other Fermented Milk Products It would seem – fruit, and it is excellent! However, along with them, preservatives and much sugar appear in yogurts, and very often – dyes. Look at the store: yogurts with additives are most often stored long-standing, and in the set of the chemical elements contained, there is not the most pleasant preservative E1442. Some doctors consider him a provocateur of pancreatitis.

Even if in a jar of yogurt you come across slices of peach, strawberries or mangoes – do not rush to rejoice. Fruit acids, as you know from the school chemistry course, are “not friends” with such beneficial sour-milk bacteria. For this reason, only frozen or canned fruit berries can be found in yogurt that have long lost all the beneficial substances. What you may think is “real” pieces of fresh fruit, in fact, are the extracts remaining after making marmalade or jelly. These extracts are aromatized and enriched with citric acid and sugar.

4. Help with candidiasis.

However, this is a fact: all good gynecologists prescribe a diet with yogurts or other dairy products to their patients if the woman has chronic thrush. After all, vaginal candidiasis is nothing more than an imbalance of bacteria. Therefore, dairy products help to normalize an unbalanced organism.

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