15 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs of This Year

15 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs of This Year

January 15, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Wouldn’t you like to work a job that pays you the most for your time? Maybe a job. You don’t have to answer to a boss. You can set your own schedule with your time is your most precious resource. So why are you spending it building someone else’s dreams? Driving to work, sitting in meetings, driving home. And then you come home and you don’t have enough time to do the things you really want in life and you end up bingeing on Netflix. So in this article, I’ll only give you the 15 highest paying jobs to get your time back in value. This article is all about giving your time back and teach you different ways, different jobs that can make you the most bang for your buck. Because the truth in life is you won’t find success, wealth and happiness. Working someone else’s dream and spending all your time doing it. One of the key ways I built my own business is I took high paying part-time jobs and I use the free time I gained from it to make a small business meet people, learn, invest in myself, build assets. And while doing that, I’ve found true success and happiness and wealth, all because I told somebody how valuable my time is.

Can I use my free time to invest in myself and create something? And that’s all I want. Teacher in this article, I just want to give you some examples of 15 high paying jobs that will give you a lot of money for your time. I really hope you use that time too, like I said, invest in yourself, create your own business so you can retire early, have a lot more money and have more free time, which is the best part. And I’m only telling you this from experience.

01. Youtuber

This is exactly what I did out of college. I only got part-time jobs and I use my free time to make a business which turned out to be a successful one, which is YouTube. And I also use this to integrate products like my trading service. I integrate seminars, but I’m not telling you how to do that. In this article, I mostly go over these jobs that could possibly free up your time. I won’t waste any of your time because I know it’s so valuable. So job number one is tutoring. And the reason why I’m telling you this is because I actually did it out of college, making anywhere between 30 and 80 dollars per hour. So the key to tutoring, if you want to do this, is you have to have a special skill and a special subject.

So maybe, you know, math for high school. Even math for college is going to help you get more clients. And the key to growing in this business is once you get one person or two people, you have to network that family to find other families, because kids know kids and college students. No other college students. And it’s the best way to grow this business. And with just four hours working a day, you can make 200 dollars cash. So that’s a pretty good deal.

02. Fitness Instructor

Gone to the highest paying job number two, which is a fitness instructor. This is very similar to tutoring because they have a special skill with their body. They can do yoga. They can run. They can lift in a certain way and teach other people how to do it. And one of the coolest things about this is you don’t have to build this business. A lot of companies out there want to hire instructors to come in that are specialized and can show classes what to do. They will pay instructors anywhere between 20 and $40, which is pretty nice doing what you love, being active and using your body. And the key here, just like tutoring, is if you get good enough, you don’t have to rely on 24-hour fitness to hire you. You can actually get private clients and that’s where you make the most money. So if you’re a lifting instructor, someone may hire you that maybe is training for the Olympics so you can show them proper form.

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In that case, you can charge a good penny because you’re giving one on one lessons. It also should be noted that this job does very well in high growth affluent areas because people are willing to invest in their bodies and better themselves. So here in Boulder, Colorado, almost everyone does yoga, so it’s pretty easy to get a job as a yoga instructor. Now let’s move on to a high paying job.

03. Ride Sharing

So on number 3 is ride-sharing service, which is set to make you $25 an hour. And the coolest thing is you get tax benefits from that. You get to meet new people. You get to set your hours. So it’s a really free job and offers a lot of benefits from it. The only downside is I personally don’t know how it works. I don’t know how the jairus feel. I don’t have firsthand experience.

03. Photographer

You can be your own boss and you can make a good penny per hour. That high paying job the is a photographer and photographers obviously can charge as much as they want depending on their skill. So I’ve seen 10 to $60 per hour for photographers and this includes shooting, editing and sending those images. But it should be noted when you get started with anything that is your job or your business.

You have to grow it in a smart. Way and the best way to do that with photography is to set a competitive price. Maybe something cheaper that is not in the market. And once you start getting clients and reviews and referrals, you can start raising that price. And maybe in two to five years, you’re making one hundred dollars an hour. Your time is super valuable at that point. And the cool’s possibility with photography is you can shoot anything. You can shoot. Nature, sports, weddings. You could do proms. You could do a lot of things, mostly outside, mostly meeting people. It seems like a great part-time job.

05. Dog Sitter

On to part-time job number 5 it is a dog sitter or dog walker. And I’ve seen that this pays fifteen to twenty-five dollars per hour. The best part about this part-time job is it’s growing because all the apps being developed in this market connect people to dog walkers or dog sitters. So it’s just like you were a lift. People are getting connected to drivers, so it’s very easy for you to find clients and get business with these apps. One perk of this job is you’re outside, you’re helping a ferry creature be more active and healthy. So that’s going to feel rewarding.

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06. Airbnb:

This can take you anywhere from 30 to 200, even more than that per hour. And let me show you how this works out because I SBN be my house and I know exactly how much my time is worth with that. So let’s say charge $50 per night. Someone stays for four nights. That’s 200 dollars when they leave in the time it takes to communicate and change the room after. That’s going to take me one hour so that 200 dollars I got only took me one hour to make. So Airbnb, if you have a house or an apartment, is a great way to make money with the least amount of time possible. The more the people stay, the more you make per hour. So the biggest time expense of Airbnb is changing out those rooms. So if people are staying for one night, your time is less valuable if you get one staying, staying high paying job.

07. Makeup Artist

Number seven is a makeup artist that can make twenty six dollars an hour. I will admit I have no clue what they do. I have no clue how it works. I only have to guess that if you’re getting married, you’re at your prom or maybe at your funeral, you have to hire someone to do your makeup for your face. And for guys, this is pretty common. But for girls, I think this happens all the time. And, you know, you could make good money doing this.

08. Freelance Editor

High paying job. Number eight is a freelance editor. This is somebody that edits your writing and rewrites it for you. They can make anywhere from 45 to 60 dollars an hour, which is pretty impressive if you have a passion for writing. Why would you not try to start a business? Doing this seems very fulfilling. One of my favorite part-time jobs, number nine, is programming. Not many people understand how easy it is to get into programming. You can join a six week boot camp and you can get put into a programming job almost instantly making 60 to 100 KS. You make six figures in your first job. You can also work for your own business, doing side gigs, small projects and this could be a great side hustle that will make you some good cash. Just like photography as you build your reviews, as you work with more clients. Your skills are going to be enhanced and a good meal, a charge, more per hour work with better people and soon enough you could be making six figures pretty easily from your own side. The hustle of programming, high paying job number ten is a translator, which is set to make 30 to 60 dollars per hour. If you have a special skill, you can make a lot from it. So knowing a language is considered a special skill that will pay you ESL American sign language or pretty much any other language out there.

11. Graphic Designer

If you can translate for people, you can make money doing it by paying job number eleven. As a graphic designer, they can make anywhere from 40 to 100 plus dollars an hour, just like photography. Just like most of the other businesses that build over time. You have to get those referrals. You have to get those reviews. You have to get that enhanced skill of using your craft over time. And after years of doing this, you’re going to make 100, 200 dollars an hour working with some pretty awesome companies. So graphic designing a good way to use your passion and have your own business set your own hours.

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12. Mail Carrier

A mail carrier paying $20 per hour. And the cool thing about this is you can be outside. You can be in your car. You can listen to podcast music, call people during the day. So it’s full freedom. You don’t have someone telling you exactly how to act and what to do during work. You only have to deliver the packages to the right place. And the really cool thing about this is FedEx. U.P.S. is getting competitors in the market. They need to hire people at competitive rates. So if you look at Amazon. Amazon needs to hire their own delivery people and they are going to have a service that delivers things in big cities for 1 to 2 hour delivery.

So. This is going to ramp up. They need people to work for them. This could be a great side gig.

13. Bartender 

A bartender making 25 to $15 dollars an hour. The only downside is you have to work some pretty terrible hours. Maybe they’re not terrible for you, but 5 p.m. till 2 or 4 in the morning, dealing with drunk people is not my cup of soup. But if you’re down for it, you can make a good chunk of change, especially if you attempt well and you’re in a high traffic bar with a lot of people, a lot of tips. If you’re not 21 and you’re not a social person, I would suggest to stay away from this job because it requires you to talk to a lot of people, especially drunk people.

14. Professional Cleaner

Professional Cleaner making 20 to 50 dollars an hour. And the key here is if you work for a professional cleaning company, they’re going to take most of that money. So the best thing to do here is make your own company. But this requires some initial capital. You have to buy the vacuums, you’ve to buy the surfers. And this can add up in the beginning. But if you get your own clients and they refer you to other clients, just like tutoring, you can grow really quickly just by utilizing a network of customers you have now.

15. Nanny

Unfortunately, this is mostly for females. I don’t know many male nannies. It’s probably because females are more trustable and people feel more comfortable having a female nanny with their kids and their spouses. The key to this job is to find an affluent area, an affluent family that is making a good amount of money where probably they work too much then of time for the kids. They want somebody else to feed them, take care of them, take them to school, maybe teach them at home. So if you can do that and you can find the right family, you can make bank. Trust me, this is a great part-time job.

End Talks

So that’s all the part-time jobs I got in this article. Like I said, the goal of these is to tell your time how much it’s worth and limit the amount of time you’re working so you can have free time to invest in yourself. Build a side household. Build a business that will pay you and make you wealthy over time. And because you’re an entrepreneur, because you look like a smart person.

Involve your time. Time can get you money and then money to you assets and your assets. If you buy them properly could get you more money.