Highest Paying Online Jobs of This Year

Highest Paying Online Jobs of This Year

January 15, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

If you’re sick of going to the same 9 to 5 job every single day and talking to colleagues at the watercooler from your cubicle and you’re in the exact right place, because in this article we’re not talking about online service where you end up earning only 20 cents an hour. We’re talking about real work from home jobs that you can completely replace your current 9 to 5 job with when I make work from home videos just like this. I take it very seriously because I know people like you need real work from home opportunities. I did all the work and the upfront research for you. We’re gonna break down exactly what you earn from each of these jobs. We’re going to ignore all of the scammy stuff that just wants to waste your time and money. And we’re gonna focus on only the highest paying jobs that require the least skills to actually get started. And I’m also going to be highlighting a couple of these top 10 where you can actually get paid as soon as today. Let’s get started with number 1.

01. Social Media Manager

And while most of you have probably heard of social media, maybe you haven’t heard of how much you can actually make as a social media manager, especially as you start to get better and better and find more and more clients to do this. And you can even scale this by hiring virtual assistants and people from the Philippines and from Bangalore and from places with a cheaper cost of living to actually help you run a social media management agency. But we’re not going to talk about doing it for yourself, because that can be very lucrative, too. So as a social media manager, basically what you’re gonna be doing is you’re going to be posting content for entrepreneurs like myself, for companies, right. For small businesses, for Amazon businesses, e-commerce businesses. You can get hired by any number of businesses because everyone out there nowadays knows that the real money is to be made by posting on social media. That’s where the people are. Right. People used to be on the radio. Then it was TV. Now people are on social media and YouTube. And so if you can get good at creating content like viral images and means and short form video content, just like Gary Vaynerchuk and myself do every single day than any company or entrepreneur would be happy to hire you to help them actually create content and post it on Instagram and Pinterest and LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube and all of these different social media platforms that become very difficult to actually run and create content for yourself.

As an entrepreneur or a business owner. And so you take over that role. Posting content on behalf of entrepreneurs are businesses and they can pay you very handsomely to actually do that. And after doing some research of what freelancers are actually charging to do this. I came up with an average of three to four thousand dollars every single month to do social media management services on behalf of businesses.

02. Chat Support

You’ve probably heard of Apple and Amazon, but what you might not know is that Apple and Amazon and many other large companies hire people just like you every single day to actually perform customer service via chat on behalf of their businesses. Apple actually has a program where you can sign up to be an Apple chat, support customer service members of their team, and you can get paid pretty well to actually do that. And while the salary might range between these different companies, I found that the average Apple Chat support member is earning between 12 and 18 dollars to actually answer customer service requests on behalf of the app.

03. Transcriptionist

And what that means is you take what somebody is actually saying in a video and you actually type it down so that you can create subtitles for that video. I probably get 10 or 20 people a day offering me translation services for my YouTube channel to expand into countries like Saudi Arabia and Japan and Korea and Latin America and all over the world.

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What a transcriptionist allows you to do is actually create subtitles for videos and get paid to do that. A funny story is we hired somebody on up work to do transcriptions for us and he actually did such a good job that we ended up hiring him full time and now he’s one of the most important members of my team. And so all of these work from home positions. If you get the right person, you can get hired on with a full-time salary and benefits and bonuses like I give all of my team members. But the cool thing is, guys, all you have to be able to do to be a transcriptionist is be able to type and listen to a video and actually create subtitles for. And while salaries obviously vary based on your experience and where you’re working from around the world and what language you’re transcribing things into. I found a general range was about fifteen dollars an hour to be at transcriptionists.

04. Tutor

Tutor and there are so many different services online where you can get paid to tutor people nowadays and what you’re actually good at. Maybe it’s chemistry, maybe it’s biology, maybe it’s mathematics. Maybe you can teach English. But the fact of the matter is you are an expert at something, even if you don’t think you are and someone out there in the world that wants to pay you for that expertise, even if you just speak English, you can literally get paid to tutor someone in English if you speak multiple languages.

You can get paid to tutor them. In multiple languages or mathematics or any type of educational skill. If you want to get paid to tutor, there’s a ton of websites out there for you to check out. But a couple that I recommend is Twitter.com and tutor MyDD.com, where you can actually sign up with what you’re good at or what you know how to do. And you can get matched up with people who want to pay you to do. And while the range for a tutor can vary rediculously, one of the averages that I kept saying, again and again, was about seventeen dollars an hour on average as a tutor. But obviously, if you have a specialized skill or if you get specific clientele, you can earn significantly more than that. As you start to get better and better at becoming an online tutor.

05. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer. And before you say to yourself, I’m not the best writer. You don’t have to be the best writer if you can write at all. You can get paid based on your level of writing comprehension and how good you are overall at writing. And there’s a lot of different websites to do this. But one of the best Web sites is called text broker.

People need content for their Instagram. People need content for their Facebook pages, for their social media. People just need content that other people can consume. And the better and better that you actually get at freelance writing and creating content that people like to read and creating content that actually gets read more, you can actually get paid to do this. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics authors. As a general category do make over sixty thousand dollars a year, but freelance writers make more like forty thousand dollars a year. And so when you break that down to an hourly wage, that works out to be around 19 dollars per hour. But of course, as you get better and find better clients, you can make more than that. Freelance writing

06. Website Designer

A website designer. Web sites nowadays are actually extremely easy to make with sites like Wix and WordPress and Click funnels. You can get a fully functioning Web site with no technical skill just from a tutorial on YouTube, just like this one, from nothing to completely finished in less than an hour. And so if you’re willing to actually learn how to create Website, there are pretty much infinite opportunities when it comes to building out Web sites for businesses and getting paid very handsomely to do so. And obviously, based on your skill set experience and expertise when it comes to web design and how much skill you can actually push for towards the development of a Web site, the salary can range immensely.

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But what I found when I actually did some research on this is the average starting wage of a Web site. The designer and creator are about $25 per hour.

07. Video Editor

A video editor. And before again, you roll your eyes as a candidate. I can’t edit videos. There are literally infinite tutorials when it comes to using three tools like a movie and things like DaVinci where you can create and edit videos with literally no skills just by watching an hour-long tutorial. And this is very important, guys. You can’t expect to not be willing to learn anything new if you want to work from home, if you want things you’ve never had. You have to try things you’ve never done and being willing to learn and learning how to learn. Utilizing resources just like this on YouTube or things like Google tutorials or blogs is there are infinite resources at your fingertips because of Google and because of the Internet. And it’s up to you to actually take advantage of those things. If you want it bad enough to work from home and the average amount that you can make to actually sit at home and edit videos on your computer is about $17 per hour, according to Indeed.com.

08. Call Center Represented

The cool thing about a call center representative is all you need to be able to do. This is your phone. You don’t even need a laptop and you can do this entirely from home. All you need is your voice, right? And so if you like talking like me and you can talk and talk and talk in front of a camera all day long and maybe a call center representative might be the option for you. And World Call Center representatives might not earn as much as some of the other work from home options we’ve discussed. It’s a really great way that you could actually get started, especially if all you have access to is your cell phone. And according to Indeed.com, the average hourly earnings of a call center representative are about $15.

09. Online Flipper

Right? It’s also called an online garage seller. And basically how you take advantage of this is you find things that people give away for free or extremely cheap and you flip those things either on those same platforms or online. Let me give you an example. There are apps like Let Go and Offer up in the Facebook marketplace and Craigslist where people are moving every single day and they’re just trying to get rid of their stuff. They’re trying to get rid of washers and dryers. They’re trying to get rid of their sofas. They’re trying to get rid of all sorts of things so that they can just move and they’re over it and they’re done with it. But if you have time and you want to work from home, you can go pick up things like washers and dryers and sporting equipment and all types of things that have a lot of value. And you can go ahead and sell those same things on Amazon.

You can sell those things on eBay. You can read lists, those things on Facebook Marketplace let go offer up Craigslist for a significant. Profit. And it’s very easy to get started doing this, especially if you have access to a car or a truck. You can really take advantage of this and you can start earning thousands of dollars per week if you’re going at this full time. Of course, this particular option, you do sometimes have to leave your home unless people are actually dropping the stuff off at your house. But it’s one of the coolest ways that you can get started with zero money to start and you can get started as soon as today and start making money doing this. And while there isn’t an actual average of how much online garage sellers earn.

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I have many friends that are actually doing this and they’re earning well over $20 an hour just finding free stuff on apps like Let Go, offer up Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and then taking better pictures. Relisting it on eBay, Amazon or even back on the same apps where they found it and selling it for a hefty profit. And the number one work from home option that you can take advantage of in 2020.

10. Marketing Agency

What a marketing agency is, are you actually run it. Digital marketing and social media ads on behalf of other businesses.

Think about real estate agents, dentists, doctors, insurance agents, these local businesses that are falling behind and don’t know how to do basic social media as they take five minutes to set up. And you’d be very surprised at how much real estate agents are willing to pay for somebody to set up basic Facebook ads for them and basic Google ads because they’re busy selling houses, they’re busy buying houses. They don’t have time to learn how to do online advertising. But online advertising is the single most profitable thing that they can do for their business. It differentiates them from their competitors and it really allows them to actually increase their bottom line and increase their profit without having to work longer hours or hire more employees. So if you learn how to set up even a very basic Facebook and Google ads that I could literally teach you in five minutes how to set up, businesses are willing to pay a thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, three thousand dollars or more per month for you to actually run these ads on their behalf. And when you add one or two or even three clients, it’s very easy to get to ten thousand dollars per month within just a couple of months of doing this. And the best part about creating a market or agency is you can get paid a thousand dollars, two thousand dollars or more as soon as this week.

You know how to find the clients and if you know how to set up the ads correctly. And so if you want to learn more about how to do it, we put together a comprehensive program where you can learn from A to Z with all the exact scripts that I use, all of the exact resources, literally everything you need to go from a complete beginner to making five thousand or even ten thousand dollars per month starting your eMarketer agency. Check out the link down in the description called once a map. Map, of course, stands for the marketer agency program. Normally we charge businesses thousands of dollars to teach them how to do this. But since you stuck around with me till the very end of this video, you can have access to all of this comprehensive guide, our scripts, the ads, everything that you need to start making money with this or just a one-time payment of only $37. So check it out down below. Skip Starbucks for a few days and potentially learn how to work from home for the rest of your life.

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