6 Easy and Best Ideas to Make Extra Money in 2020

6 Easy and Best Ideas to Make Extra Money in 2020

April 7, 2020 0 By sawon907

It is quite often that people happen to be seeking ideas to make extra money by working part-time. There are hundreds of ideas that can support your side income. Some of them require your particular expertise, and some need you only to be an active internet user to make extra money. Get started with different workable ideas that can boost your income exponentially.

1. Create, weave, paint

If you like knitting, ceramics or custom t-shirts, why not take advantage of combining a hobby with remuneration? On the Internet, many websites help you to sell your creations to the entire world. Whether it is your paintings, scarves that you have woven or jewelry that you have made yourself, there is no limit.

Even if you find it hard to believe, many people will be willing to pay 40 euros for a handmade scarf. My cousin in Ecuador paints some beautiful paintings and thanks to the magic of the Internet (and the ArtFinder website ), he has managed to sell some of them on his website.

Among the most common platforms we find:

Etsy: The world leader (it is a platform founded in the United States), so it allows you to sell your creations all over the world.

Ezebee: Also, for worldwide sales.

Sure, you know Amazon. A few months ago, he opened his category handmade, where you can also sell handicrafts too, with the support of the leader in internet sales.

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Also, in this article I share with you 27 craft ideas that you could do to sell.

Eye! If you do not have your creations and are interested in doing manual work at home for companies, I recommend you read this article.

2. Restore old furniture and abandoned wood 

Lately, it is very fashionable and very cool to have some old furniture at home. People most often arrange a room where they only keep antique furniture pieces. There is a space for you to work on this idea to make extra money and this you find the answer about the question how to make money from home by finding old furniture and refurbishing it for resell purposes. Fortunately, there are markets where willing buyers buy these antique furniture pieces for a reasonable price.

It also works with any type of furniture a bit old. With a bit of sandpaper, ink and a sense of crafts, it will not cost you to buy or find some used furniture and fix it to sell it at a reasonable price.

3. Write to a newspaper or a website.

If you like always to write, you can take advantage of your writing ideas to make extra money by offering your services to a newspaper or a niche blog. In case you did not know, many blogs or publications look for people capable of writing with excellent style and proper spelling.

Although you can directly contact some blogs and propose your services, the simplest thing is still to go through the platforms that group the offers and demands, for example:

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TextMaster, which works from any Spanish-speaking country, as well as the Freelancer website, where you can propose any freelance work (and it is also available in several Latin American countries if you go to the bottom of the page you can choose your location).

If you happen to be a good writer, you can sell your writing services globally. Here are the best writing opportunities discussed for potential writers who want to sell their services but don’t find some reliable source to utilize their writing skills in the best way.

4. Offer online therapies

Thanks to the Internet and tools such as Skype or Hangout, we can connect with anyone in the world, be it our friends, our family, we can even attend a work meeting on the other side of the world.

If you are a Psychology or Coaching professional, you can take advantage of these two ideas to make extra money. You can target people over internet platforms to sell such kinds of services. Although you already have a physical consultation, it is an excellent way to reach more clients and earn extra money in your spare time.

5. Do you like programming? Develop mobile applications

Ok, this idea is only for professionals. But I had to mention it because this profession is the future!

The mobile has become a tool of our day today. We most often happen to be using our phones for paying utility bills, playing games and watching the video. These platforms result in existence after the developer has done their work on those particular ideas

People take mobile development as fulltime jobs to earn overwhelming wages from this skill. If you are a mobile application developer and work on some unique approach, new installations upper than the threshold level will make you extra money. As Google will use your apps for advertisement purposes and reward you dollars in return. Other than mobile application development, there are many different online jobs that you can utilize to make extra money through digital channels.

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6. Do you speak English? Your parcels français?

If you speak several languages, it can give you some money. You would be surprised at all the translation opportunities that exist. Many people and companies seek to translate their texts, websites, brochures, labels.

For example, in the coworking space where I work, I just spoke (by chance) with a freelance translator: this morning I had just translated the label of shampoo into another language.

Without going further and being so technical, you can also find some well-paid translation jobs. Payment is usually per the number of words of the source language. For example, in TextMaster, they propose € 6 for 100 translated words.

If your favourite language is Spanish, I advise you to translate other words ​​into Spanish. It is much simpler, you will do it faster and then you will earn more money per hour. Awesome, right?

There are agencies that look for translators, and you can also find opportunities on the Internet. Websites like TextMaster and a bunch of freelance platforms come with a lot of opportunities to avail of the services of the translators.

And remember .there are people who live on it. Maybe your future job?

Final Stance 

We find all these ideas to make extra money best in your support to make money for a better life. We expect you to be implementing one of these ideas to earn by working part-time. Some of these ideas can land you a fulltime job with the prior chance to own a business in your future as well.