7 Dangerous Situations for Toddlers At Home

7 Dangerous Situations for Toddlers At Home

June 25, 2019 0 By Aria Akachi

It is an awesome feeling for that couple who are going to be a parent soon. But, it is also an undeniable fact that they will face various problems soon.

Handling small kids is not an easy thing. You should be always attentive and aware because there are various dangerous home hazards for toddlers. Kids are curious in nature and want to explore every new thing but it can be highly dangerous such as electrical wires.

Old electrical wires are one of the biggest threat to your kids, therefore, call the professionals like level 2 electrician Central Coast and upgrade your wiring to keep your kids safe.

Here we will discuss the most dangerous home hazards that will surprise you:

#1. Sharp Elements

There are various elements in our house that are sharp but they are mandatory. You can find sharp objects in almost every part and a section of your home. The best way to protect your kids from sharp objects is to keep them away. Some of the sharp objects are knives, forks, or other pointy items.

Additionally, glass items also pose a threat to toddlers. If glass items fall down and shattered into small pieces then these are really dangerous.  Store all these items away from your kids.

#2. Harmful Chemical Solutions

We can not keep away chemicals from our house and start using completely organic products. There are various harmful chemicals in our house like cleaning solution, rat killer, mosquito killer, detergents etc. Store these solutions in the top cabinets of your kitchen or bathroom and make sure these are properly placed there.

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#3. Choking Mishap

Toddlers love to swallow whatever in their hand. They can not differentiate between not-edible and edible things. While crawling on the floor the toddler may swallow the debris, dirt and other nasty things.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the surface frequently. There are various things you will find on your floor while sweeping such as loose screws, pieces, buttons, coins, and various other things that may result in choking hazard.

#4. Open Windows And Staircases

Open windows can lead to the scariest hazards for your kids. Curiosity is an obvious thing among toddlers and they want to explore everything that they see. Therefore, parents should take some preventive steps and protect their toddlers from a mishap.

Keep your windows closed and locked all the time. Open your windows only when it is required and close it properly afterward. This will help you in protecting the toddler from being able to crawl out from open windows.

#5. Dangerous Electrical Outlets

Electricity is an important thing in our home. We cannot imagine our survival without electricity. But, do you know that it is the most dangerous thing for your toddlers? The curiosity of your toddlers may lead to their fingers inside the electrical outlets.

To protect your kids, get outlet covers and install them at your house. Extensions and loose wiring can also be a child hazard if your kids start playing with them. Please, ensure the wires are in proper condition and not peeling off.

Any damaged wiring can results in dangerous sparks and potential fire hazards if not maintained properly. If you find often tripping of circuit breaker don’t take it lightly, call professionals like 24-hour electrician Central Coast and identify the problem.

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#6. Open Door & Big Size Furniture

You may be surprised after knowing that doors can also be dangerous home hazards. Small kinds can get their fingers entrapped in door hinges. If it is possible then try to keep the door fully open or fully closed and locked!

If you keep your doors opened, you will prevent your toddlers from playing with the hazardous elements in the first place. Having the door closed and locked will prevent the toddlers from trying to open the door and also keep them away from the area where they are not allowed.

Big items such as furniture and appliances can easily tip over your toddlers if not well grounded. Keep your kids away from big furniture which is not properly grounded.

#7. Pets Can Be Dangerous Too

Our pets are just like part of our family as well. We tend to not want to treat them as animals, ironically. However, as much as we want to humanize them, they are still hunters by nature.

Regardless of the breed of your pet, it’s important to understand that they too have emotions and mood swings. If your toddler rubs them in the wrong way, then your pets may bite them and place your kids in a very risky situation. Don’t leave your small kids alone in the same room as your pet.