All the Pros of Using a VPN

All the Pros of Using a VPN

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In a world where social media, video conferencing tools, cloud storage and a lot more that the World Wide Web bestows to us, online privacy and security have become imperative. In case of a hacking attempt or any online threat, the go-to approach is to have an anti-virus program pre-installed. The program runs a malware detection protocol and all potential threats are blocked right away. But that’s one way of keeping your network and data secure yet it cannot be trusted 100% as even a malware detection program cannot reach the deep ends of every online threat. 

In such a scenario, you can resort to using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using a VPN, all your online activities are encrypted and your data isn’t prone to any sort of malicious exposure. However, that’s only one pro of using a VPN. We have jotted down a few VPN advantages so keep on reading! 

Multiple device protection in one go

One integral feature of using a VPN is online security and privacy but would you want that for one device only? Of course not. However, if you purchase a VPN you can easily set it up for your smartphone, laptop, tablet and even your game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Once you enter the virtual private environment, you won’t be directly exposed to any potential online threats all via a single account. You hit multiple birds with one stone!

VPN ensures anonymity 

Most standard and premium VPN users are aware of this one. Whenever you connect to a VPN, both your IP address and current location are masked. In case of any online attack, your data will not be put at risk. This feature works best for remote businesses. It’s common to have a lot of downloading and file uploading going on daily and while you can trust your private home network, it’s not always recommended. Resorting to a VPN is a better alternative as all your downloads, files and the data stored online is kept safe. 

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Zero bandwidth and data throttling 

Data caps and throttled down internet speeds can be annoying. Once you exceed your monthly data limit, you’re bound to suffer from sluggish internet speeds or you would have to pay extra. None of the two will be there when you use a VPN. Throttling is done to stop network congestion or even out bandwidth consumption. However, if you’re using a VPN, your ISP is masked and both the issues are resolved in a jiffy. 

Get access to geo-blocked websites/services 

You learn of the release of a new streaming service only to realize it’s region-specific and blocked in your region/country. You are left disappointed and wait for its official launch in your region. But some applications and services stay geo-blocked for years. There are some countries where Disney+ and Spotify is yet to be launched. What you can do is connect to a VPN and get direct access to all region-blocked services in one go. 

Ensures safety on public Wi-Fi 

It’s never recommended to connect your devices to public Wi-Fi. If you’re ever setting up a new internet connection like MyRCN, always choose the private network option. Other than your home network, there are public Wi-Fi spots outspread everywhere you go. In the neighborhood café or near the subway, you don’t think twice before connecting to public Wi-Fi. The next time you do it, make sure you have a VPN enabled in your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Without a VPN, an unsecure public Wi-Fi can likely get you stuck with hacking attempt. 

All in all

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Connecting to a VPN has a galore of pros to it with limited set of cons. There would be some VPN advantages that you might not have been aware of, right? Well, probably because the myths surrounding VPN usage overpower the pros. But those are myths after all so don’t let them stop you from using one!