Bachelor in Psychology: One of the Highest Paying Career

Bachelor in Psychology: One of the Highest Paying Career

February 10, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Hey, guys, I’m so excited to finally be talking about this subject with you guys. I know that you love the topic of psychology. That’s why I decide to discuss psychology in this article.

Today we’re finally doing the careers in psychology article because there are so many opportunities out there. If you are interested in studying psychology and some you probably wouldn’t have guessed were related to psychology.

What are the Opportunities in Psychology?

Now, there are tons of categories of things that are like opportunities in psychology, different careers and fields that you can study. And you can get high paying jobs with a bachelors in psychology. But when most people think about psychology or you tell someone that you’re studying it, they automatically go to the stereotypical therapist counselor role. The picture that in their head. But there are so many other things in other categories under the umbrella, the huge umbrella of psychology. I will just put up on the screen all these lovely things that you can do that are kind of the categories we’re going to cover. This is more like really, General, I’m going to go a little bit more specific than just the youth. I’m not going to focus on every single one. So let’s just get started.

01. Clinical and Counseling Psychology 

Obviously, first and foremost, I want to talk about clinical and counseling psychology and what the differences, because that is the route that I’m taking and I’m sure a lot of you, because that’s what we think about when we think about psychology. That might have been the subject that piqued your interest in psychology in the first place. And with this you can get the highest paying psychology jobs as well. So I thought we’d start there now.

Clinical and counseling psychology are very different, but they have the same kind of goal in mind. Clinical psychology focuses more on the diagnoses of mental illness and dealing with those mental illnesses. Whereas counseling psychology focuses more on the general well-being of a client and focuses less on mental illnesses.

You know, they both want to alleviate any symptoms or any, you know, distress that that person might be going through. They just go about it in different ways. Most not most of them, but clinical is known for like medication. Like if you’re a psychiatrist, you can prescribe medication for mental illness, whereas counselors don’t do that. They would prefer someone to a psychiatrist for that if they felt like they needed it.

If you’re interested, a cognitive like a behavioral type of person being mindful and present. And I’m more about changing the negative ways of thinking vs. action oriented or client oriented techniques. If you’re familiar with psychology and really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but maybe in another article, I’ll get into different techniques and things that you can do, like different areas of expertise, if you will.

Now what you can do with a bachelor’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology you can become:

  • A Human Services Worker.
  • A Social Worker or Substance Abuse Counselor.

You can’t do a whole lot. You can’t make a whole lot of money with just a bachelor’s in psychology. You pretty much need to go to grad school in order to probably achieve your ultimate goal. What you have in mind. Probably not going to be able to do that with just a bachelor.

With a graduate degree,

  • You can obviously practice.
  • You can counsel people.
  • You can be a clinical psychologist.
  • A lot of companies will hire psychologists or counselors that have a graduate degree to help build programs.
  • And there’s other like IO type work that you can do, which I’ll get into industrial organization psychology in a moment.
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But most people, when they go into this field specifically is to practice. So they go on to school psychology. And this is very similar to the clinical counseling route. It’s basically what you would imagine. But there are other opportunities that you can do with a degree.

02. Teacher or Child Care Worker

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can become a teacher or child care worker, teacher’s assistant or early childhood behavioral specialist. A lot of people will also work with. Children of special needs in this kind of field. And then, of course, if you have a graduate degree, you can become a school psychologist or school counselor, which they do so much.

When you think about counselor in a school setting, you probably think of like an academic counselor, but they can do that, but they can also do so many things that can be the person that the students talk to. You know, like the typical therapists have a role. They just do so much.

So that’s what maybe you want to do. School counseling.

03. Forensic Psychology

Now, this is legal in forensic psychology. I used to want to study forensic psychology. So here’s some of the careers they can do with bachelor’s degree. You can become:

  • Police Officer
  • A Correctional Officer
  • You Can Do Probation Parole Officer
  • Juvenile Detention Worker
  • Forensic Science Technicians

So those are some opportunities that you can do with a bachelors in forensic psychology. When you think about police officer and like parole officer, you wouldn’t expect they would go psychology route. But it really helps in their job, I think, because psychology applies to every single one of us. There are so many jobs that need some form of psychology training. But it may not be the traditional educational route, but I think it benefits so many careers because like I said, it affects everyone.

So with a graduate degree in forensic psychology, you can do

  • Correctional Psychology
  • Forensic Examiners
  • Police Psychology
  • Trial Consultants In Politics

You ever want to get to politics? You can study forensic psychology. A lot of students, when they go into forensic psychology, want to do some sort of like profiling. But that’s actually what is it called, an investigative technique in forensic psychology is a mental health field.

So when people want to do more profiling for people, they recommend that you go through law enforcement degree instead of forensic psychology.

04. Health Psychology

Next is health psychology and this is what you would imagine. You work with people and their health like physical health, but it’s also still a mental health field. So with a bachelor’s degree. You can be:

  • Recreational Therapist
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Physical Therapy
  • Assistant Or Health Educator

Though it is like a physical it’s related to physical health. It basically studies these psychological influences on health.

It’s why I would be more like recreational therapists or physical therapists and things like that. So if you’re interested on kind of the mental effects of mental health, it doesn’t really go on to graduate school or, you know, if you had to graduate degrees, it may not even be required.

05. Sports Psychology

And then related to health psychology there is sports psychology with a bachelor’s degree. You can be:

  • A Fitness Instructor
  • Recreational Worker
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Sports Instructors And Coaches
  • Sports Reporter

It’s basically related to health psychology. You’re looking at the mental effects of sports and physical health and things like that. It is the study’s psychological aspects of sports, but it’s related to any physical activity or exercise. It’s not necessarily limited to sports. But if you’re really into sports and exercise and things like that, and this might be the kind of direction for you because it, you know, works with the psychological aspects of it, which if that interest you in related in relation to sports and exercise, then it might interest you.

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06. Science and The Bio Psychology

Now we’re getting a little sciency. Pretty much can only be a technician if you have a bachelors in this because the science and the bio psychology behind psychology is super important and you really need a good education in order to successfully perform in these kind of job settings. So you can be:

  • Bachelor of Science Technician
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Clinical Laboratory Technologist Or Technician
  • Pharmacy Tech

So by. Psychology studies the relationship between biology and behavior and also things like drugs associated with just anything chemical kind of with the brain and dealing with the brain and the behavior and the outcomes of it.

So cognitive neuropsychologist will look at the relationship between neurons firing and mental activity, kind of how our thoughts are created and the science behind our thoughts and behaviors and things like that. So it is a really fascinating field, but it’s a very educational base. And it’s science is really a science. And then obviously with a graduate degree, you can do pharmaceutical things, biotechnology research. So you can do more on the research and of things.

07. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Next is industrial and organizational psychology, as I mentioned before. Now, this is more for work like in the workplace.

Industrial Psychology

It studies the relationships between employees and employers and co-workers and the performance in an office setting or just in a work setting that’s really fast. But in a work setting and people will hire employers were hot, will hire IO psychologists to make sure that all your employees are performing at the best they can. And so with industrial psychology, it’s selection and placement of employees training and development of employees performance evaluation, participation in applying and adhering to laws and litigations to make sure everyone’s following the rules of the office and or workplace and things like that.

Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology focuses on improving job satisfaction and quality of work life. Employers want to know that their employer employees are liking what they do and just overall happy because that equals better job performance and improved leadership and promote organizational development.

A lot of people who study this will go to H.R. kind of jobs. If you’re a bachelor’s degree, you can go into H.R. or human resources. You can do commercial or industrial design assistance, administrative assistant and office manager with a graduate degree. Again, you can go to human resources. You can be a consultant usability specialist. I don’t know what that is. Environmental designer. So this is just making sure that everything in the workplace is going as smoothly as possible, making sure the employees are on the right track.

They’re performing at their job and making sure there is correct leadership throughout the office or job or whatever. I keep saying office because that’s just a general example.

08. Cognitive and Quantitative Psychology

Now we’re getting more into the experimental cognitive and quantitative psychology, more research based. A lot of people do go into research because it’s so important in the growth of psychology. That’s the thing about psychology. When you go into it, you never stop learning. You will never stop researching or at least doing your own research. As far as reading articles and journals and things like that. You were never done. You’re never done with education because it is such a growing field. And it’s just so important that you stay up to date. I mean, there are some fields where you stop learning at a certain point. You know, there may be new rules and different techniques that you may have to learn, but nothing, I think, as extreme as psychology because it’s ever changing. It’s a scientific field. So things new discoveries are being made. More research is being conducted. So it’s really important that you continue your education on it. A lot of careers were off or jobs in the psychology field also require you to go to conventions and take classes to further your education. Something changed in the field.

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So actually, people who go into experimental cognitive and quantitative psychology can also be a

  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Support Specialists
  • Budget Analysis
  • Research Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Actuary And Financial Analyst And Data Mining

This whole thing sounds really complicated. It’s not what interests me personally, but to each their own. There was a lot of science and a lot of statistics and math and writing involved in this kind of field.

09. Social And Consumer Psychology

Next up, a social and consumer psychology.

Social Psychology

This is things like advertising, real estate agent, retail, public relations specialists. Those are some things you could do in a bachelors. But this market research product development consultant and management. I mean, those social psychology is pretty self-explanatory is how the individual interacts in a group or with society and how they interact with each other and their behaviors in the environment.

Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology is more like these subliminal messages in advertising and. Commercials and marketing campaigns are more successful than others, so you kind of want to go into tricking people, into buying things and stuff like that. Consumer psychology is for you. It also studies how we process information and make decisions about purchasing products and things which, you know, you can study YouTube and solve. And as a marketing type of thing and go into that.

And why we want to believe that products are good just based on what people say. So all you can do is social and consumer psychology. And it’s a really interesting field because you can go into retail and just working with companies and building commercials and things like that.

10. Developmental Psychology

Lastly, developmental psychology. And this is about development throughout the ages. It’s interested in the changes over the first year of life, the ways in which the media influences children’s behavior, but also in adults. Mid-life crisis, for instance, an older adulthood death. So you be a:

  • Gerontology
  • A Child Life Specialist Careers In Nonprofit Organizations
  • Scientists
  • Practitioner Careers
  • Product Development
  • Consultant Social Policy Research

Most people in this field do work with children and the early stages of life. Because that is where it’s like the densest of development possible is in the early stages of life, but also how we change throughout life.

They also conduct a lot of research. A lot of these things will you will conduct research in. In fact, you should know what you’re doing, try and do your own type of research or at least analyze articles and things like that. You might have to do that anyway for school. But research is such an important factor in psychology and you’ll probably have to experience it at one point or another, whether it’s in for a class or in real life, or you’ll be a part of a research experiment or something you may have to participate in, then just be open minded to that kind of thing. And even though it may not be exactly what you’re interested in, it’s basically required because I mean, research is what fuels psychology.

End Talks

So all done about psychology. Let me know what other topics you may want me to discuss. And regarding psychology, if you are going to go further in detail, talk about what? Whatever over the theories and things like that and ways that you can practice if you’re doing counseling from here on out, though, it will probably be really based on counseling on the clinical side. As far as the counseling side, I will share my education with you as I go. But do let me know if you want me to go no further into detail. I just thought I’d mention it, but it could be anything, whatever you guys want me to talk about. So I hope you enjoy it.