Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Benefits of AI in Healthcare

January 22, 2019 0 By Sathya

If there is an industry which is mainly concerned with the happiness of individuals, it is the healthcare sector. At present, even this industry has welcomed new technologies such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in their equipment. Since an accident such as loss of human life can provoke feelings of anger and hatred among the public, AI applications have not yet been implemented in full force. The reason, privacy concerns, mismanagement of data, and machine error can lead to a change in medical treatments and methods for individuals. But, all parts of the globe, there are numerous institutions and Governments which have invested billions on the implementation and testing of AI applications in healthcare equipment. In this article, we shall see some benefits of AI in healthcare.

1. Benefits of AI in healthcare – Surgery

There are some treatments which require surgery. And it is not possible to find special doctors for many cases. The reasons, these doctors rarely find the time. But a robot powered with AI can take on the mantle of a physician and do the operation successfully. Based on information fed into its storehouse, a robot can perform surgery with precision. This is one major benefit of AI in healthcare.

2. Virtual Nursing Assistants

You have heard of virtual training, don’t you? You join an online coaching class, and the instructor does the lessons on an online platform. In a similar fashion, you also get virtual nursing assistants, via AI. Unlike human nurses, the AI assistants can provide help 24/7, give apt responses to questions, clarify doubts, monitor your health and many more. These applications also provide precise data to hospitals about your medical records. Another important benefit of AI in healthcare.

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3. Diagnosis

AI applications can detect diseases pertaining to the heart and other vital organs better than their human counterparts. Based on the medical data and treatment method, they can, in the future, prevent cancer-related deaths which medical expert revel as one of the major benefits of AI in healthcare.

4. Administrative Tasks

There are some tasks which are done manually again and again even in the healthcare industry. We are mentioning scans, taking copies and many more. Instead of humans, how about an AI humanoid robot doing the scans for the future? In recent times, the doctor has to dictate the treatment method to the nurse. But, AI-based tools can convert voice to text notes, and confirm if the prescribed method is perfect. If a doctor has a patient that has numerable diseases and a whole sort of medical reports, looking into every page and then suggesting the treatment will take time. Now, with AI applications, 100s of pages of medical reports will get scanned in a short time. Then you also get the best treatment method.

Yes, there is a disadvantage also. The data in the medical reports have to be precise. Any wrong numbers in the report, and it will result in a false medical report and then the wrong treatment. It can do harm to civilian lives. So, the handling of equipment and data, it has to be perfect.

5. Image analysis

How does a doctor prescribe the treatment for a fractured arm? By viewing the image. Now, an AI tool has been developed which can analyze images faster than a human. This software application can come in handy for surgeons who may have to opt for treatment methods after surgery. During surgery, based on the patient’s body reaction to the operation, an AI tool may modify the treatment method. So, these AI tools can help provide fast service and identify errors in the medical report. Yes, this means saving of human lives and healthcare may be made available to every individual in any part of the world. This can be termed as one of the major benefits of AI in healthcare.

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Now let us assume a situation. A trekking team has met with an accident. A person has got his leg fractured. The rescue team has found a hospital nearby, but it does not have proper medical facilities. In such situations, the doctor can take the photo of the fractured leg, and send it to the city hospitals where AI applications are available. The AI will scan through the medical records stored in the national database, identify the patients’ files, and then suggest the best treatment method.

The AI tool can then look into the images sent by the doctor, and send valuable inputs to the doctor so that he may give the best first aid treatment to the patient. The service provided will be faster than the traditional methods.


So, in this article, we have given the benefits of AI in healthcare. In other words, this application is doing the tasks done by humans at a very low cost in less time. The potential for robotics and AI is becoming vast in the healthcare industry. In the future, AI is definitely going to become a part of the healthcare ecosystem.

It is very simple. The AI applications, by means of programming, can better understand the patterns in the medical records, and they provide better feedback and support to the doctor. If a patient is about to become the victim of a paralysis stroke, then the AI application can alert the doctor. Now, the treatment method will differ. The patient will get saved from the attack.

AI has also stepped into the customer care sector in hospitals and other companies. Imagine a situation, when you are working for a home care service company in Pune. Your company provides doorstep repair services for home appliances in the city. Now, being a diabetes patient, you take treatment and pills for your condition. For an emergency clarification, you can dial the number of your hospital to talk to the doctor. When you make the call, seldom can you say that the receiver at the other end is a human or chatbot. A chatbot is an AI application that can respond to your simple queries and can even transfer your call to the doctor’s room.

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