Wedding Invitation & Return Gift Ideas Which Will Bring a Smile on Guests’ Face

Wedding Invitation & Return Gift Ideas Which Will Bring a Smile on Guests’ Face

January 19, 2019 0 By mukeshsaini

When it comes to Indian weddings, one important aspect which is slowly losing its relevance in today’s modern era is giving a proper invitation to the wedding guests. The past 3-4 years have seen a gradual (but major) shift in the way friends and family are invited to the wedding festivities.

Earlier, it was a tradition to personally visit each family at their home and hand over the wedding invitation along with a little gift. But as couples are leading more hectic lifestyle these days, the time and energy required in distributing the wedding invitation is not easy to set aside and invest. Therefore, as a result, couples have now shifted to more technology friendly ways like e-cards and Whatsapp invitations.

But still, there are some couples who prefer to go the traditional way, as for them the long-running practices come first. For such couples, we have handpicked some very inspiring as well as the perfect wedding invitation and gift ideas which will floor their family & friends.

4 Different Wedding Invitation Ideas 

  1. An Itinerary Style Invitation: It is a well-known fact, unlike western weddings, Indian weddings are a mix of so many small functions. Usually, any wedding starts from the Ganesh pooja then mehndi, then sangeet then chak-bhaat then marriage and ends with a reception. So the best way to invite the guests is using a single page itinerary invitation which reads out the way wedding functions will move forward. And as it will be a one-page invite, it will also help in saving paper.

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An Itinerary Style Invitation       

  1. The Ethnic Love: This wedding invitation blew our mind away because we couldn’t stop admiring the way it represented the motifs and colors found in a silk saree. If you also want something which is hardcore traditional yet looks beautiful, then opt for this style of an invitation. You can also change the design inspiration and go for something different like Rajput-Mughal motifs, leheriya design etc.

       The Ethnic Love

  1. Personalized Invitation: Giving personalized invites is not famous among couples in India, though it is very popular in western countries. Every bride and groom have a close knit of friends who hold a very special place in their lives. Hence, you can write some personalized wedding invitation wordings for friends and surprise them with it. They’ll surely feel very special.

Personalized Invitation      

  1. Invitation With a Modern Twist: It is not necessary that a wedding invitation should be in a specific manner. Many couples these days are going for a unique style of wedding cards. We really loved the peppy and attractive colors in this Chinese fan style invitation card.

Invitation With a Modern Twist 

Top Two Most Preferred Wedding Return Gifts 

  1. Lord Ganesha Statue: Lord Ganesha is considered to be a bringer of prosperity and happiness in one’s life. Hence no gift other than a small idol of Ganesha is the best choice as a return gift to the wedding guests. A special thank you for all their best wishes for the beginning of your new life.

Lord Ganesha Statue       

  1. Assorted Chocolate Box: Your wedding is surely a happy event in your life, so distributing sweets as gifts become a natural choice. But these days, instead of regular Indian sweets, couples prefer gifting an assorted box of flavored chocolates. Not much expensive and loved by all, it an ideal choice of a return gift.

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 Assorted Chocolate Box

We hope after reading our blog, any confusion related to the wedding invitation and gifts have been resolved. Still, there are a countless number of ideas available on the internet which can inspire you. But a wedding is not limited to invitation and gifts only. There are many other major points as well like booking a venue, hiring a caterer, photographer, band wala, Mehendi artist and the list is endless. 

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