Best Summer Activities To Do With Your Baby

Best Summer Activities To Do With Your Baby

June 30, 2019 0 By

Playtime is crucial to your baby’s development, and summertime brings beautiful weather and plenty of activities to fill your day and teach your baby. You don’t have to fill every moment with something new, but it will be good for your baby to experience new things.

Take a look at some of our favorite summertime activities, as well as tips and tricks on how to beat the heat with your little one!

Water Wonder

One of the simplest go-to’s for you and your little one is water activities! Take advantage of any nearby water—whether it’s a river, lake, or ocean—and cool off. If you’re landlocked, it’s easy to make your own water fun with a kiddie pool, sprinklers, or a water table.

You   try looking for a local splash pad—with extremely shallow water and often equipped with lively fixtures—you’re sure to find new friends looking to cool off, and your baby will be entertained by just pezple watching..

Outdoor Adventures

Experience local crafts and cuisine by visiting your local farmer’s market. If your baby is working on solid foods, this could be a great opportunity to let them try some new snacks. You may even find that your farmer’s market has up-and-coming bands playing. Take advantage of the live music and enjoy dancing with your baby!!

You should also explore the parks in your neighborhood. Even if your baby isn’t quite walking yet, they’re sure to enjoy the thrill of a guided spill down the slide, or some gentle pushes in an infant swing. Be sure to pack snacks and sunscreen!

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An entire afternoon outing with a small cooler of sandwiches and baby bottles is another perfect summertime activity. Pack a picnic lunch and blanket and find a shady spot to enjoy your meal together. Let baby explore the fun new textures of grass and tree bark, and you might even spot some squirrels and bugs!

If you wear your baby while you’re out and about, learn how you should be wearing your baby in hot weather.

Indoor Discovery

If the heat gets to be too much, never fear. There are plenty of air-conditioned places to try. Introduce your baby to new animals at your local zoo or aquarium. They’re sure to love the butterfly exhibit, as well as experiencing the plethora of new sights and sounds.

If you’re looking for an animal experience that is less costly, head to your local pet store! You’re sure to find plenty of dogs, cats, fish, small rodents, birds, and reptiles that will leave your little one transfixed.

Another great option for those who want to avoid animals would be to look at when your local library holds a story hour. While taking your baby to the library may seem intimidating, children’s story hour provides a place for your child to make a little noise and hear new stories. You may find new books to check out.

Mommy and Me

It is becoming more and more popular to enroll in a Mommy and Me class, giving both you and your child a chance to move around and participate together. Do a little research into some local classes, and you could find anything from exercise to sign language to swimming and beyond!

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This also creates wonderful opportunities for you to meet other moms with similar interests and situations. Make meaningful connections and new friends while also learning something new with your baby.

So whether you’re splashing in the backyard, discovering new animals or tackling a yoga class, be sure to soak up the memories (as well as the sun!) and enjoy these summer days with your little one.