Genius Ways to Update your Old Cabinets to Look Like Brand New

Genius Ways to Update your Old Cabinets to Look Like Brand New

June 27, 2019 0 By micky

Want to give your old builder-grade and antiquated kitchen cabinets a brand-new look? Almost we all have different visions of our dream kitchens in our head. Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Doesn’t has enough budgets to do the renovation on the full-scale? No worries, having a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t do beautiful changes but it is possible to renovate an apartment in minimum budget. From glass cabinets to wooden ones and paints & wallpapers of the kitchen, there are different ways that you can do with your kitchen even staying in your tight budget line.

The cabinets are considered as the most prominent fixture of the kitchen that provides you with the quickest path to create a whole new design for your kitchen. Stick with this post because here in the article; you can learn genuine hacks and tricks to change the complete scenery of your kitchen.

Let’s have a brief look at some creative kitchen cabinet designs.

  • Be Creative with Paints

No matter how many attractive bones your kitchen has? It can still look tired and bore without colors. Let’s add some twist in your kitchen cabinets and redesign your whole room. Be creative and mix up colors on lower and upper cabinets or the front of the cabinets. You can also paint the shelf and island of the kitchen. In this way, you can add richness to your kitchen. Windsurf from Behr Paints is the best quality paint color that is available at affordable rates. For glass cabinets, you can paint them with semi-gloss enamel. Paints are known as old-stand-by and enjoy a significant impact on your kitchen.

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  • Add Wallpaper in the Interior

It is not necessary that you can only use wallpapers only on the walls. Let’s do something different with wallpapers. Have you ever thought about putting wallpapers inside of your glass display cabinets? This is a tricky and time-consuming task, but the results are worthy. The peek-a-boo view of the cabinets will give you a reason to smile whenever you open them to reach for the glass. Wallpapers with the effects and images of fruits and vegetables are best to use.

  • Removal of doors

The most inexpensive way to change the overall look of your glass display cabinets is to add nothing at all. By simply removing the doors from your glass cabinets will give a comprehensive view and add more space in your kitchen. With an airy feeling, stay forewarned because this cabinet styling requires more maintenance more than your imagination. As everything will stay in the display, make sure that all the content of your cabinets are clean and arrange accurately.

  • Change the Hardware

Do you want to change the hardware of your kitchen? You will not believe how much it is easy and quick to get a new and fresh look of your outdated and old design of the kitchen. Let’s warm up the overall look of your kitchen cabinets by adding brass finishes with your sleek design glass cabinets. This design doesn’t cost a lot and gives your kitchen on-trend look.

  • Add a Complete Overhaul

After combining one or more designs in one can give you the best appearance of your glass cabinets. You can add paints on the inside walls of the cabinets that give you a look of a complete overhaul. Removing doors and adds paints to the shelves of the kitchen will give your kitchen a traditional but a classy look.

  • Addition of Knobs
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Are the glass cabinets of your kitchen lack in hardware? Are the cabinets of your kitchen bearing knobs? The easy and cost-effective way of changing the look of your kitchen is to add knobs in the cabinets. This addition will not only gives a new look to your kitchen cabinets but make it easy for you to getting things in & out of the cabinets. This is the cheapest way of getting a whole new kitchen and to do this you only need a drill machine and voila.

  • Mold your Cabinets

Let’s give your kitchen an entirely new look by adding crown molding to your kitchen cabinets. This upgraded design will add more visually and height into your kitchen. This is an easy way to give an elegant finishing appearance to your kitchen. The most crucial thing in this kitchen style is to confirm the measurement of the cabinets twice.

  • Add an Accent in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s add built-in-details in your kitchen cabinets by emphasizing them with paint. The advantage of using this design can highlight the size of your kitchen. No matter, if you are painting the whole kitchen, only doing paint on kitchen cabinets or want to paint the recessed area, the contrasting colors can add more depth and strike visual in your kitchen cabinets. You can achieve this type of look for your kitchen with the help of Glassy-Smooth Enamel.

All the above mention tricks and hacks are cost-effective and can give a whole new look to your kitchen cabinets. Except for these, there are many other methods that you can use for glass interior for commercial buildings. Be careful while doing contrasting and wisely play with colors.