Highest Paying Social Work Jobs of This Year

Highest Paying Social Work Jobs of This Year

January 20, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all well. In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you some really high paid social work positions. I’m also going to be talking to you about a few factors that you can consider if you’re trying to find a job that pays a little bit more within that field of social work. If your needs of our channel will come, I’m practicing social worker and I share my experiences here on the channel, both social work and no social work related. There are a few factors that you can take into consideration that can help increase your pay. And there are some jobs that pay quite well, even if you’re holding a social work degree. So again, the fact is that you can consider if you’re trying to find something that pays a little bit more generally, government jobs pay quite well.

I know when I first finished University, there were jobs within child protection for new grads that were coming up and they ware paying around $68,000 per year. And that was starting. So if you are in government generally every year, your pay would increase. So that’s not too bad at all because of $68,000 is pretty good. Another factor you can consider is if you’re ready to work in a rural area. Generally, they pay quite well because obviously it’s away from the city. It’s quite isolating and stuff like that. Sometimes they might put in incentives like accommodation, car, things like that to make it more appealing for people to apply. So that’s something that you can consider as well. Another factor you can consider is if you have a lot of experience within the social work field, you can definitely negotiate a higher salary than whatever is being advertised. So you can sell yourself and say, look, I have a, B and C skills. So, you know, and in my previous job, this is how much I’m good. I was paid. I’m happy to take this job, but I would prefer to be offered this amount of money or whatever. So you can definitely negotiate a higher pay depending on the kind of experience that you have. So, yeah. We’ll continue into the high paying jobs.

01. Lecturer or Professor

The first high paying job that I would like to mention is so being a social worker to Tor lecturer or professor pays very, very well.

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I have seen pays ranging anywhere between $90,000 to about $200,000. Obviously that would depend on your experience, depending on your qualifications within the social work field, you know.

Do you have a Ph.D.? Do you have a master’s? Whatever that looks like? Those are things that you obviously take into consideration before offering you pay, but they generally pay quite well within their field of education. Another role that pays quite well is social work academics. So social work academics generally support students within the time of placement. They provide supervision for them. They do their placement visits and things like that. They pay quite well as well. Generally, around the $90,000 mark, the only thing is generally they’re only available on a casual basis, which makes sense because, you know, there’s a time of the year where social workers are doing placement and there are other times when they’re not doing a placement. So they will only need you at the time when social workers are doing placements.

02. Executive Director of an NGO

So yet another role that I would like to mention is the executive director of an NGO or something like that, they tend to pay very, very well. Let’s be honest, these days most induce I just businesses anyway. And to get into a role like that, you could have a social work degree. You could have a nursing degree. Anything within the human services, depending on, you know, your experience with management and things like that. You can get a job within the position. So that’s something that pays very, very well.

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03. Social Worker in A Rehabilitation Center

Another role that I would like to mention is if you’re a social worker within like a rehabilitation center, you know, where there are drugs and alcohol or something like that, they tend to pay quite well. Same as if you’re in a rehabilitation center within my corrections services as well. They’re all government. So they generally pay quite well. And most of the time you can negotiate your salary as well.

04. Veterans

The final job that I would like to mention is if you’re going to be a social worker with veterans, they pay very, very well. I recently saw a position come up, actually, it was just case management. Veteran families and their responsibilities were much like all you needed was a social degree, a social work degree. You didn’t it didn’t have a request for, like I said, a number of years experience or anything like that. And it was 27 cases starting. So if you have quite a bit of experience you could definitely negotiate much higher pay.


So yeah, those were a few jobs that pay very high within the social work field. If they’re things that you have considered in the past. If they’re not, then maybe it might be something to think about in saying that they’re all quite demanding. You know, you have to do quite a bit of work. But at the same time, even if you’re working for an NGO where you’re not paid that much, you’ll still be working quite hard. So, you know, it’s up to you. It depends on what your demands are, what you look for in a job and stuff like that. It can help you to make a decision around where your next career moves need to go. Or, you know, wait when a guy next in your career as a social worker. So, yeah, that is pretty much it. Guys, if you guys know of any of our social work rules that pay quite well, make sure you leave it in the comments section below. Because I would love to know and I’m sure other people that are watching this article will benefit as well.

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I’ll see you in my next article. Take care guys.